Survey Industry


OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) scanning continues to stand as the most reliable, accurate, and cost-effective way to extract information from a user group. It collects and collates it, and delivers it to decision-makers and other stakeholders in a timely, meaningful way.

For Survey Industries it's all about results and OMR Home Verificare is best in that. It can collect any kind of data from OMR sheets. You can design formats according to your desire for example; you can design sheet for Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Surveys, and Conference Evaluations etc.

Coaching & Institute

OMR Home is providing services for many leading Coaching centers and Institutes to make...

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Schools & Universities

OMR Home is providing services for many leading Schools and Universities to make their...

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Government & Corporate

OMR Home is providing solutions to many Gov. and Corporate to make their...

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