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Test Analytics Software is an added tool that comes with Verificare. It is used to analyze the various tests conducted in your institute. It directly imports data from Verificare database or from some other database also.


  • Test Creation

    you can create various tests, keep their records, and retrieve them as desired.

  • Data Import

    Test Analytics can import data from Verificare database and other database too. You can categorize the data in two categories.

  • Reports

    Test Report, Subject Wise Test Report, Individual Test Report, Individual Subject Wise Test Report, Each Question Percentage Report, Comparative Analysis with Topper, Percentage Test Report

  • Online Test Analytics

    Online Test Analytics publishes the result on the web; the database is the same used for Test Analytics.Following are the reports available:

    • Subject Wise Detailed Report
    • Total Marks Report
    • Subject Wise Percentile Report (Graph)
    • Test Code Wise Report (Graph)

Test Analytics

Rs. 20,000 /-

Followings are the basic steps for TA

  • Step 1

    Create a Test

  • Step 2

    Attach map template, add pre data(optional), add tag sheet(optional)

  • Step 3

    Generate Report different kind of report