Why We are Different

Why Verificare is Unique Software?

  • No need to use designing software for OMR design / Design your own OMR.
  • Reads traditional OMR and all types of OMR sheets.
  • Supports unlimited no. of sets.
  • Use normal printer to print OMR sheets.
  • Any scanner flatbed/MFP/ADF to scan the OMR sheets.
  • Re-read faulty files.
  • Speed Booster reads bubble sheet 10 times faster (300 sheets/min).
  • Data reading 100% accurate.
  • Analysis on forefront.
  • Artificial Intelligence feature to detect Anti-cheat detection and Wrong ans key detection.
  • Inbuild Scanning and reading.
  • No dependency over paper size of OMR sheet.
  • No need of special paper to print OMR bubble sheet.
  • Cropping of desired area such as photograph and signature from OMR sheets.
  • Identification of Mandatory fields.
  • Data Sorting.