Verificare VS OMR Scanner

Verificare (OMR Software) OMR Scanner


Verificare works with all the image and document scanners available in the market with almost no dependencies As OMR Scanners are manufactured and imported from outside India so,spares are difficult to get locally and can take days to arrange.


You can avail the same solution for all your needs with Verificare starting from just Rs.20k/$300. An OMR scanner for the same purpose starts from Rs.4.0Lacs/$6k.


We are having a big team of eminent developers working dedicatedly to make the software more robust and reliable and are open for any customization in the software as per your needs. An OMR scanner is an expensive hardware as it is a machine and scope of any upgradation/modification in the hardware is almost impossible


Our maintenance-free OMR software enables the user to operate without any IT-pain and thus helps in increasing the efficiency of the system. Maintenance is very difficult as the machines are big and cumbersome and sometime requires air-conditioned room for their proper working. Overall maintenance is very difficult.


Many time OMR software don't require any support, still you need any assistance we have fully dedicated team of support always online and solve the issue in not more than 15 minutes. Most of the people using OMR scanner always suffer in case of support, as very few company give good support after sale. And you are totally depended on the provider as no other in country will have knowledge about your scanner.


We also give the same accuracy as OMR scanner and take any challenge to prove this. OMR scanner gives 100% accuracy guarnteed.

Cropping Images

Verificare can crop images while extracting OMR data and can save image files as desired. Can crop images, but the OMR scanner cost increases.

OMR Forms

Traditional as well as normal OMR form can be used. Traditional OMR form can only be used.

Bar Code

Read QR,1D and 2D bar codes from bubble sheet by simply adding a very cost effective plug-in . Can read bar codes, but the OMR scanner cost increases.