How Verificare Works

1. Pre-defined OMR forms are available which are editable.

2. OMR form can be designed by simple drag and drop functionality.

3. Unlimited number of fields can be created on bubble sheet by using matrix entity and labeled entity.

4. According to your requirement you can choose the question type (single choice, multiple choice, match matrix and many more).

5. Unlimited number of question and option counts can be added.

6. Barcode and QR code can be added by simple clicks.

7. The OMR form/bubble sheet can be designed in 4 different colors, which are Red, Green, Blue and Orange .

8. The designed form can be exported in PDF and CDR format.

9. The designed OMR Form can be printed by using any normal printer.

1. The filled OMR form/bubble sheet can be scanned by any normal scanner.

2. Scan and Read functionality allows you to scan and read the filled forms simultaneously.

3. Scan option allows scanning of the batch of OMR forms.

4. The scanned form can be read with the speed of 150 sheets/ minute.

5. Speed Booster functionality enables the software to double-up the speed of reading (300 sheets/ minute).

6. Verificare automatically flip the reverse scanned images

7. Smart reading feature identify faulty files which can be evaluated with accuracy.

1. Answer keys can directly be added from MS- Excel by copy-paste option.

2. Unlimited number of question sets can be added.

3. Unlimited number of sections can be added to display the section-wise scores.

4. The added answer keys will automatically be mapped with the responses of candidates & displays the score.

5. The data can be exported into MS- Excel or CSV or there is another option called Custom which facilitates you to choose your own data source for example: MS Access, SQL.