Design & Layout Features

Create your own OMR sheet design

You can create your OMR bubble sheet design using inbuilt OMR sheet designing tool. E.g- Survey, Admission, Examination, Complex OMR etc.

No dependency over Paper Size

Design on any paper size, A4, Legal Verificare can even process double sided & set of sheets as well.

No special paper required to print OMR

No requirement of special paper with cutting marks.

Scan & Read Features

Use any normal scanner

You can use any scanner flatbed/MFP/ADF to get scans of the OMR bubble sheets. No specific features are required to process.

Read All types of OMR sheets

It reads traditional and plain paper OMR sheets with an ease. Even the Photocopy would work.

Unlimited no. of sets

You can use N no. of question paper sets and process.

Reread Faulty Files

It identifies error files and reread faulty files with accurate data.

Cropping of desired area from OMR sheets

Verificare can easily crop images, signature or any desired area from the OMR form.

Identification of Mandatory fields

It has a feature to highlight mandatory fields on the OMR forms.

Data Sorting

Sort and filter data as per as requirement and save the view for future use.

Identification of duplicate form and field

OMR application has a function to identify duplicate records.

Column Validation

Set column length check and get list of unmatched data.

Barcode and machine printed text supported-

Verificare can easily generate, print and read 1D, 2D barcodes and printed text (OCR) on your OMR forms.