Verificare Vs OMR Software

Verificare (OMR Software) OMR Software
Verificare is a Zero Error Tolerance software and reads OMR bubble sheets used in Examinations with 100% accuracy As other software read on plain paper format, 100% accuracy is not guaranteed
Verificare, also provides the feature of sheet design within the same software thus decreasing the operator dependency and labor cost. It can also read the bubble sheets designed on other software like Corel Draw, Paint Brush, Photoshop etc., Most of the software in the market does not have these feature and often depend on other sources for OMR sheet design
We read and process the same OMR form that is being used by OMR Scanners with the same accuracy. No matter how condensed the OMR form is, our software can read it easily. All the other software in the market struggle to read and process condensed OMR bubble sheets with almost no accuracy.
You can capture Images/Photos, Signatures and written text etc. from the OMR sheets and can use it for different purposes. Only some software provides such functionality.
Verificare can easily generate,print and read 1D, 2D barcodes, QR codes and printed text (OCR) on your OMR forms. Only some imported software fancies this feature and are very costly.
Verificare coupled with intelligent OCR/ICR module enables organizations to filter data through machine printed/hand written codes. Only some imported software has this feature and it is a hassle to operate them too.
Intelligent rectification of error files, unmatched data, duplicates and data sorting provides superiority over other software. No availability of features like this in other software.
We provide One Year Online support for any query or issues, a customer may face. Most of the vendors only give one to three-month support on their products.