Why is UPSC Prelims an OMR Based exam? How To Fill UPSC Prelims OMR Sheet to score more marks in Exams?

The UPSC OMR sheet is given to the candidate before initiating the exam. It will consist of relevant information about the candidate. The Union Public Service Commission chose the OMR based exam for its authenticity. The UPSC prelims exams are offline exams. The UPSC aspirants must appear for the prelims in order to go further. The entire process of the UPSC is a difficult task. Every year more than lakhs of students attempt the IAS exam. Moreover, candidates have to work hard for the UPSC exams and build a strategy for the preparation to succeed in the exam. A well-designed strategy is helpful in the thorough preparation of the exam and gives you a head start.

Why UPSC An OMR Based Exam
Why is UPSC Prelims an OMR Based Exam?

The long-lasting demand for the UPSC exam is mulled into online OMR based examination. The aspirants are required to sheet and submit it on the portal. Generally, UPSC does not upload scanned copies of the answer sheets. The preliminary exams are objective-based exams and the mains are subjective-based exams. The whole process decided the credibility of the aspirant. The exam authorities are quite relaxed in OMR-based UPSC exams. 

Tips to fill OMR sheet in the UPSC exam 

Here are the few steps to fill OMR sheet for UPSC exams which are as follows: 

  • • Before filling the OMR sheet, the candidate must be aware that the OMR sheet is checked through OMR software. It can only read black bubbles in the answer sheets as well as the information filled on the sheets. Keep the OMR sheet carefully. 
  • • Fill the information in the required space and avoid writing anything on the OMR sheet. This would lead to the rejection of the sheet. Also, it is important to fill the OMR sheet. 
  • • In the OMR sheet, the candidate must fill in his personal information for instance enrollment number, name, father’s name, and mother’s name. 
  • • The duration of the exam is 3 hours and it would contain 300 multiple-choice questions. It is mandatory to attempt all the questions. 
  • • Give one answer to each question. Multiple answers would be marked negative. Circle the correct answer properly. Also, students are advised to fill the declaration. 
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Therefore, OMR based exam are a simple and prominent form of exams, that would be analyzing the answer sheet properly. It would be easier for the students to build a strategy accordingly. Preparing for civil services is a grilling experience. Although, patience and dedication are essential for keeping yourself calm. Nevertheless, many deserving aspirants aim to succeed in the exam. Variables can indeed affect the outcome. Still, one should not lose effort. Candidates should give an exam with the objective of knowledge sharing.