What is OMR Sheet in the board exam and how to create OMR Sheet online?

CBSE has introduced new guidelines for conducting OMR based exam in schools. Schools are bound to conduct OMR exams. Looking at the COVID scenario, CBSE took this decision. Now schools are bound to conduct this form of examination. Most of the competitive exams are based on the OMR. It has revolutionized the examination. Also, it is helping teachers as well to evaluate the OMR sheet faster. It is famous for its accuracy and data collection. It also ensures students should mark the correct answer. 

Although OMR software captures other information as well such as name and ID number. People usually get confused with OCR and ICR. It is a powerful technology to determine the student’s ability. There are many reasons why universities and colleges are dependent on OMR technology, for example; it is speedy, it can support any printer or scanner and also, it reads data 10 times faster. It comes with artificial intelligence which has the feature of anti-cheat detection. In the current scenario, it was difficult for the examination board to conduct subjective exams. 

What is OMR Sheet
How to create OMR Sheet Online?

Tips to Create OMR Sheet Online 

OMR solution is making life easier for the examination authorities for conducting exam.  In this era, conducting exams were difficult, but it has simplified printing, scanning, and designing of sheets is a concern, OMR Software has an inbuilt feature to customize sheets according to the requirement.  As far as the There are a few tips which can help to design an OMR sheet online which are as follows:

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There are a few tips which can help to create OMR Sheet online which are as follows; 

  • • Select the file format 
  • • Click on the ‘create OMR test’ option 
  • • Create on download OMR image 
  • • Print the OMR sheet. 

OMR is a simple process for entering data and saving it on the cloud. There are also multiple platforms available for designing and printing the OMR sheet. It’s not one size fits all. It is essential to know your preference better and get the best scanner and printer for it. It is one of the leading technologies for gathering accurate data.