What is OMR Reader? Its uses, features and benefits!


What is OMR reader?

OMR reader is actually a software that is integrated within a PC to read and evaluate the OMR sheets. It is one of the best tools to be used for automating the offline assessments. The OMR reader works by detecting the bubbles that have been highlighted with either pencil or pen. Once the bubbles have been read from the scanned sheets, the data is automatically generated along with detailed reports.

what is OMR Reader

What is the full form of “OMR” in OMR reader?

OMR is an abbreviated term for Optical Mark Reader or Optical Mark Recognition. It is one of the most eminent source to automatically extract data from various types of documents such as tests, Olympiads and surveys.

What are the types of optical reader?

There are basically two types of optical reader-

  • 》 Optical Mark Reader (OMR) – This type of reader can detect the highlighted marks on the bubble sheets and reads them accordingly to collect data.
  • 》 Optical Character Reader (OCR) – This type of reader can detect and read the texts and images on the sheets whether it is handwritten or printed.
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What are the uses of OMR reader software?

Creating and evaluating offline assessments or carrying out so many administrative tasks has always been arduous and difficult. But, with the advent of OMR reader software the drawbacks of manual assessment and administrative tasks have been efficiently countered. It is being used by many industries and sectors to automate offline assessments and administrative works such as creating and extracting data out of forms, checklists, feedback forms, attendance sheets, inventory, etc.

What are the applications of OMR reader software?

OMR reader is used across the globe in various settings and industries, some of which are-

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Institutes
  • Coaching
  • Universities
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Ballots
  • Stores
  • Health and medical industries
  • Businesses

What are the features/functionalities of OMR reader software?

  • OMR sheet reader software can read any type of OMR and OCR sheet without any difficulty.
    At a time it can process any number of question paper sets without any error or lag.
  • It can crop the desired areas from the OMR sheets such as images, signatures or other relevant information and store it in a separate file.
  • It can re-read all the files that are faulty. It means that if there is any error in the answer key provided to the software it detects that error and highlights it to the admin. Later it can be manually corrected after which the OMR sheet reader re-reads the files that are faulty.
  • It can identify mandatory fields that are pre-defined by the admin during the time of creating the OMR sheet.
  • It can even read 1D and 2D barcodes and QR code.
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What are the benefits/advantages of OMR reader software?

Some of the benefits/advantages of using OMR reader software are-

  • It is one of the most cost-efficient method to automate the reading and evaluation part of an offline assessment. You can get best OMR reader price in the market if you conduct a detailed research and go through the reviews.
  • OMR reader software ensures 100% reading accuracy.
  • It has got various in-built sheet reading features that work on different levels of reading process to generate data that is accurate.
  • It also provides superior sheet reading speed that is around 300 sheets in a minute.
  • It can automatically evaluate all the data and provide comprehensive reports.
  • The reports are divided into 4 categories and are demonstrated through statistical and graphical formats.

Where and how to download OMR sheet reader software?

OMR reader price is not too much and you can even get a free demo version if downloaded from OMR Home. OMR Home’s Verificare OMR reader software is one of the best and most reliable sheet reader software in the market currently.

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