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All in one professional Optical Mark Reader

Optical Mark recognition (OMR) technology is being used since the 1960s for collecting and interpreting large scale data that is marked on OMR forms. In its early stages, this technology worked on basic functionalities but as it got evolved over time, it became one of the most sought after methods to automate offline tests. Today there are variety of OMR software’s available in the market as the need for this technology is only rising day by day.

Verificare OMR software has been the leading OMR technology provider for long catering to the needs of diverse sectors and industries for collecting, sorting, and interpreting data.

Functionalities Of Verificare

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Verificare comes with inbuilt designing tools that can be used to create all types of customized OMR forms/sheets.


OMR sheet printing is a work of precision and Verificare makes it possible to be done accurately with just any office printer.


No need for a scanning machine when Verificare gives you the option to pair any flatbed scanner and still renders the best scanning outcome and speed.

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OMR sheet reading was never this easy! Verificare OMR reader can read 300 sheets in a minute and can automatically.


OMR based tests can be now evaluated automatically with Verificare OMR software! Get a detailed test report of every test taker right on your desktop.


Industries that have adopted Verificare OMR sheet checking software to automate their data collection process

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Coaching & Institutes

Earlier, coaching and institutes used to conduct paper-based tests which took a lot of time and manual efforts. On the short scale it was still possible but as these sectors grow the number of students to be assessed keeps on increasing.

To counter this challenge, Verificare optical mark recognition software became the prime source for many coaching and institute trainers to conducting formative exams and mock tests with ease of technology. Verificare can design, read and evaluate various entrance examinations and mock tests questions such as-

  •  – MCQ Questions
  •  – Match Matrix Questions
  •  – Numerical Questions

Schools and Universities

Educational sectors such as schools and universities are one of the biggest exam conducting bodies that use assessments for both internal student learning analysis and also as a means of entrance test.

The benefit of OMR software has let these educational bodies conduct MCQ type tests without any stress and errors. It has helped many universities to fast pace their assessment techniques and deliver the results on time.

Also, the administrative activities such as attendance, feedback forms, entrance forms, and inventory lists can be designed, scanned, and the collected data can be sorted with the use of Verificare optical mark recognition software.

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Survey Industry

The survey industry is responsible to collect large scale data and has got bulks of internal activities that are impossible to tackle if done manually.

Since the time OMR reader has come into existence, it has been largely used by the survey industry and still stands to be the most reliable technology which is also accurate and cost-effective. It can collect, interpret, and sort data in just a few clicks turning a lengthy task into a few hours deal.

Survey Industries are entirely dependent on the authenticity of results and Verificare optical mark recognition software is best in that. It can collect all types of data from OMR sheets. You can also design formats according to the requirement for example; you can design sheets for Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Surveys, and Conference Evaluations, etc.

Government and PSU

Government sectors and PSUs mainly used paper-based test format but it came with a lot of many drawbacks and the result data extracted lacked reliability.

The Government and PSUs are always concerned about safeguarding their security protocols and the accuracy of the data collected.

Be it internal training assessments, recruitment, feedback forms, attendance monitoring, or surveys, OMR Home has been catering to various needs and requirements for many of the government agencies and PSUs.

Features of Verificare OMR Software

Design and Layout Features

  •  – Create customized OMR sheet designs with inbuilt sheet designing tools
  •  – No dependency over a specific size of the paper, A4 and legal size can be used
  •  – No requirement of special paper with cutting marks
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Scan and Read Features

  •  – Any normal flatbed/ADF/MFP scanner can be used
  •  – It can read the plain paper as well as traditional OMR sheets
  •  – It can identify and re-read faulty files
  •  – Can read and interpret 1D, 2D barcodes as well as QR Codes

Data Sorting Features

  •  – It can identify and highlight duplicate records
  •  – Can sort and filter data as per the user’s requirement
  •  – Can crop marked areas from OMR sheets such as signature, images, etc.
  •  – Set column length check and get a list for unmatched data

Why choose Verificare OMR software?

verificare omr software - best omr reader - omr scanner - omr sheets checker

  •  – No requirement of expensive OMR sheet designing software’s
  •  – No special printer required to print OMR sheets
  •  – Eliminates the requirement of Bulky and expensive sheet scanning machine
  •  – Swift, accurate and speed reading of OMR sheets
  •  – Optimum data collection and interpretation accuracy
  •  – AI integrated features for cheating and wrong answer key detection

Verificare OMR software has been trusted by millions of users from varied industries!

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