Some unknown facts of OMR software that you must know!


Educational institutions, be it schools, colleges or universities goes through a regular process of creating and conducting various types of assessments with the help of OMR Software. Right from entrance examination to quarterly and weekly exams, schools and colleges are always indulging in some sort of assessment related activities.

Some unknown facts of OMR software that you must know!
Being in sync with regular assessment process and simultaneously maintaining the quality and accuracy of the same can be really difficult when done manually so this is the reason why OMR software is being readily accepted by such institutions. Also deploying these automate methods of assessment saves time and extra burden on the workforce.

So the question is what makes OMR reader software so special for the educational organizations? Read on to know some less known facts of OMR software that makes it all the more useful for conducting offline assessments with ease.

  • The OMR sheet checker software comes with smart integrated features that can also check OMR based tests that constitutes of partial as well as negative marking.
  • 》 It also has in-built sheet designing tools that are free and can design bubble pattern and format for any sort of OMR sheet such as admission forms, entrance exams, admission tests, Olympiads, checklists, attendance sheets, surveys, etc.
  • 》 The software is robust and can process multiple sheets at a time also it can simultaneously check the sheets of different subjects and topics that too with variety of layouts.
  • 》 It can easily generate, print as well as scan and read barcodes on every OMR sheet.
  • 》 OMR sheet checker software can scan up to 300 sheets in a minute which means 15,000+ sheets in an hour. The overall time that goes into the complete procedure of designing, printing, scanning, reading and evaluating the sheets takes comparatively fewer hours than the manual processing.
  • 》 It comes with integrated anti-cheat feature that is developed on the AI technology. It can detect cheating in the OMR sheets by cross checking the acquired data and percentage of similarity of the answers.
  • 》 It can also sometimes create different sets of question papers out of a number of given questions. This method is known as randomization and is one of the best methods to counter the drawbacks of cheating or chances of question paper leaking. Later during the checking and evaluation part the sheets are accordingly read and scanned in contrast with the answer keys.
  • 》 The OMR reader software can re-read faulty files. This means that if the answer key has got some fault then the software detects it and highlights it to the admin. After manual correction of the answer key the software re-reads the corrected files and produces accurate data.
  • 》 After the data is extracted from the OMR sheets it gets automatically evaluated and represented in form of detailed reports. Later the data can be stored in excel sheets or any other format according to your choice for future reference. The test reports are generated in various comparative, graphical and statistical representations based on which the admin can create a feedback reports.
  • 》 With OMR software you can design, print, scan as well as read OMR sheets that are double sided. Which means the sheet can be made with bubble pattern on both sides which will be read and evaluated accordingly.
  • 》 It can identify duplicate fields and forms by analyzing every sheet with intricacy. It checks and compares each and every blocks and bubbles to identify the repetition of any data or file.
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The OMR sheet checker software is an advantage to both the admin as well as the students. OMR technology has recently been adopted by many reputed competitive and Government exams all because of its utility and superior features.

Also it is becoming a great help for coaching and institutes who are preparing their candidates for their upcoming exams, as they can create variety of mock tests with which the students get proper preparation and training.

Overall OMR software is largely transforming the existing manual methods of conducting offline assessments by automating them and making them more cost-effective, accurate and time saving.

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