Right Method Of Filling OMR Sheet For NEET With OMR Home

While giving the NEET exam, students spend a lot of time filling the OMR sheet for the NEET exam. Time plays a significant role in the examination, but sometimes students get confused or might get clueless when filling the OMR sheet. NTA has come up with instructions for filling the OMR sheet. The candidates should read the instructions carefully and before filling the answer sheet. The students should not tamper the sheets and should fill in the necessary information. 

Right Method Of Filling OMR FOR NEET

Common mistakes on OMR Sheets 

There are numerous mistakes in filling the OMR sheet that can lead to the rejection of the paper. Here are the few mistakes which candidates usually make: 

  • Not reading instructions carefully
  • Forget to fill or write roll number 
  • Using ink-based pen when not instructed
  • Doing rough work on OMR sheet 

Some mistakes are done by examination staff which can lead to problems for the candidate: 

  • Invigilator sketch close to index box 
  • Folding OMR sheet 
  • Stamping the seal at the wrong place 
  • Putting pressure on OMR sheet 

Mistake due to not reading the instructions properly 

Some candidates use a fountain pen, especially when it is mentioned to use ballpoint only.

Incorrect filling of information  

According to a survey, many students fill roll numbers after completing the exam, but they don’t get time to do so. They miss writing role numbers on the sheet and might get rejected. 

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Not paying attention while filling in information 

OMR sheet for NEET  pattern is different for competitive of competitive exams. In some sheets numerical starts from 0 to 9 or some in 1 to 9, it is essential to pay attention to the details that can lead to negative marking. 

Filling information with the wrong marker  

Earlier, OMR was filled with a pen, now with OMR software, you can fill it automatically. Candidates usually do not read instructions carefully and end up filling in wrong answers. 

Parameters of OMR sheets  

  • Confirm that fill the four points with index points in black for the OMR software to read the result accurately. 
  • Instruct candidates to use a blue pen in filling the sheet. 
  •  Fill roll number and other details accurately. 

OMR software for NEET ensures proper evaluation of sheet in less time. So, errors in small details can cost a lot to a student.

How to fill the OMR sheet?  

  • Before filling the sheet, the candidate must remember that OMR software evaluates the sheet. It is sensitive and only reads relevant information. Avoid hampering the OMR sheet to provide relevant information. 
  • Specific space is given in the OMR sheet to fill in relevant information such as Roll number, Test Booklet number, Test Booklet code, etc. Avoid writing anything on the OMR sheet. It can lead to rejection. 
  • Provide your required information such as Name, Father’s Name, and Mother’s name in the name column. 
  • The timeline of the test is 3 hours. There would be 200 questions, 50 questions in each subject. One subject paper would be divided into section A and section B. All questions are compulsory to attempt. 
  • It is advisable to fill one option for each question. There is only one appropriate answer. 
  • The candidate must sign in the declaration column. 
  • The candidate must write the exact code as mentioned in the test booklet. In the case of discrepancy, always reach the invigilator. 
  • In case of inconsistency in a particular language, the English version would be viable and final. 
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Before submitting the exam, the candidate must take care of all the required information mentioned in the instruction. One mistake can cost a lot if you miss anything important.