OMR Software with ICR and OCR Technology for CBSE Exams

Collecting and processing data manually is a difficult task. It takes a lot of time, and it can lead to inaccuracy as well. Over time, the process has been altered. OMR technology is a new method for streamlining the examination process. Verificare OMR Software is a prominent name for icr software. According to the latest CBSE guidelines, schools need to conduct OMR based exam. The pattern will be MCQ-based. 

Extra circle on OMR sheet: In the MCQ-based exam, there is an extra circle for answering the questions. The right answer would be valid if it is mentioned in the extra circle. Normally, it happens that a student makes a mistake in marking the circle so he can mark the write answer in the extra circle. As far as ocr software is concerned, it would evaluate the correct answer and generate a detailed report. 

OMR Home software is integrated with ICR technology for reading the printed text, numbers, and handwritten characters. It is one of the easiest ways of generating reports. OCR software for the CBSE exam is a boon for the education industry, schools and universities are bound to use this software as per the CBSE guidelines. 

omr software for cbse

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Benefits of ICR-OCR Based OMR Software

  • • It can read alphanumeric characters, it captures the handwritten text. So that the relevant information would be saved accurately. 
  • • Apart from the handwritten content, the form reader also checks that the student must have pasted the picture in the space provided. 
  • • You can design, print, and scan sheets with reading barcodes. 
  • • OMR software collects data and generates a detailed report 
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Therefore, Verificare OMR Software is integrated with the best ocr icr software for conducting seamless exams. Schools are using this form of technology due to complete accuracy and easy evaluation.