OMR software Process – Designing to evaluation of OMR sheets defined!


OMR technology has been prevailing since long in educational and survey industries recognized for simplifying the assessment and form processing tasks. In simple terms we can call it as a system that identifies human made marks on the specially designed OMR sheets.

But if we focus on the intricacies of the OMR software functionalities then we would realize the preciseness of its broader picture.

omr software process

Earlier OMR process used to be a real lengthy task when a separate scanning machine was implemented to scan the sheets. The conventional OMR method was tagged with many downsides, like the scanner used to be bulky and there were high chances for mistakes to occur in printing, because of all this OMR couldn’t find the ultimate glory that it deserved. But, with the advent of innovative OMR software all of these disadvantages got eliminated at once.

What are the advantages of OMR software that replaced the earlier disadvantages of OMR?


    •  – OMR software doesn’t require any bulky OMR scanner or printer, it can be paired with any normal scanner such as- flatbed/ADF/MFP and will still provide superior service in comparison to those separate scanners.


    •  – Designing of OMR sheets wasn’t that simple, it could only be made on basic format but OMR software comes with inbuilt templates and designing tools that let you customize your sheet your way.


    •  – Sheet reading and automate evaluation was not even a part of conventional OMR techniques, which now we can find in OMR sheet checking software.
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    •  – Earlier OMR had restricted usage because of its lack of flexibility but since the introduction of OMR software, it can be seen implemented in various industries such as – Schools, colleges, universities, coaching, surveys, Government and private sectors.It can be used in designing, scanning, reading and evaluating student evaluation forms, admission forms, feedback forms, survey forms, assessments, forms and assessment related to corporate and Government tests and forms.


OMR software has considerably improvised the complete processing of OMR sheets and follows a fixed processing method that starts with designing of OMR sheets and ends with result analysis and acquiring data. Below mentioned are the details of it:

First comes the installation

Installation part does sound to be a big thing but it is not at all difficult. It comes with easy to install application that needs to be integrated with the existing system. The other things required along with OMR software is a normal printer and a flatbed scanner.

Now comes the sheet designing part

You can design any type of sheet using advance in-built templates that can be used as it is or can even be customized to suit your need. Many types of designing tools are available as well to save you from any unwanted hassle. All you need to do is to mix and match all the designing options available and get your perfect OMR sheet.

Printing of designed sheets is the next step

Once the designing is over then comes the printing part for which you need to attach any normal printer with your system. Click the print option and get your OMR sheets printed on any normal A4 size paper without the need of any crop marks. You can also assign unique identity to every OMR sheet by printing 1D and 2D barcodes on it.

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Once the sheets have been marked then comes the scanning part

Scanning of sheets is a seamless functionality when doing it with OMR sheet checking software. Just attach a simple flatbed scanner and click on scan option. Any type of OMR sheet can be scanned with OMR software irrespective of design, sheet size or paper quality. The best scanning speed that has been achieved using OMR sheet checking software is 300 sheets per minute.

The second last step of the process is reading of sheets

After the sheets get scanned they get saved in the system in form of soft copy which gets read by the OMR software to extract data. Unlimited number of sheet sets can be processed at once in order to get the data. When the sheets are being read the mandatory and desired areas automatically gets cropped such as signature, image, roll no. etc. and gets saved in a separate file. It can also read 1D and 2D barcodes present on the sheets.

Now comes the last part that is result analysis

Well this also becomes one of the many ultimate advantages of using OMR software that it can analyze the extracted data and give result. The user can predefine the answers to every question by feeding answer key in the system. Then the scores are finally calculated for every individual sheet and the user gets the final scores. With data view feature the user can see all the parameters through which the result has been analyzed and can get a final view. The result can also be saved which can be referred any time in the future.

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Verificare OMR software – A repository of features

OMR Home’s Verificare OMR software helps its clients in conducting OMR based assessments and form processing with complete premium features that makes the process simple, hassle free and efficient. It doesn’t require any extra tools or efforts; all it needs is a normal printer and scanner which will make your Verificare a completely customizable, perfect OMR solution.

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