OMR sheet Checker: How it works? What are its Pros & Cons?


What is OMR sheet checker? How does it work? What are its pros and cons? Get to know all of it with additional knowledge of its applications and use.

What is OMR sheet checker?

Once when the circles in the OMR sheet/forms have been marked then the next step is to extract data from them. The data is extracted through the help of OMR sheet checker which is a software. It is used for scanning the OMR sheets after which the scanned images are read and evaluated to generate the final data.

There are many features and functionalities that come integrated with OMR sheet checker for carrying out the checking and evaluation task.

OMR sheet Checker
OMR Sheet Checker

How does OMR sheet checker software works?

OMR sheet checker software works on different levels in order to generate accurate data. Its working steps are mentioned below-

》 First you need to integrate the software with your computer

Check if there are any compatibility criteria’s that you need to follow before installing the software. For this you can follow the available guide or can also take support of the IT person who is in charge of your software installation.

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》 Then you need to design the OMR sheets and forms

Designing part can be done using the very same software! OMR sheet checker software is not just used for checking the sheets but can also design OMR sheets with all the in-built designing tools and templates.

》 Now starts the process of checking the sheets! – First step is scanning.

In order to scan the OMR sheets and forms you need to install a scanner with your computer, because OMR software is an advanced level technology so you don’t need to purchase those bulky and expensive OMR scanners. Any scanner such as Flatbed, ADF and MFP can be used for scanning all types of OMR sheets.

》 Next step is reading of the sheets

In the reading part the sheets that have been scanned and saved in the computer are read for extracting the data. When reading, OMR sheet checker identifies the specific marked circles on the sheets and then interprets them in accordance with the answer key that is provided by the admin.

》 Last step is evaluation and report generation

Evaluation and report generation is the last and most important functionality of OMR checker software. It is done with many AI backed features that maintain the accuracy and quality of the evaluation. The reports are generated in a comprehensive view and shows result in graphical and statistical formats.

What are the Pros of OMR sheet checker software?

  • 》 It can be used as a complete OMR solution- designing, printing, scanning, reading and prosevaluation… all can be done with it.
  • 》 OMR checker is efficient enough to check any type of OMR sheet and form right from traditional to plain paper and even photocopy.
  • 》 It has got in-built anti-cheat features that work on various levels of sheet checking. To extract genuine data anti-cheat features help with detecting any cheating or duplicity in the OMR sheets.
  • 》 It can read and process 1D and 2D barcodes along with QR codes.
  • 》 Other than evaluation and report generation, OMR checker also helps in categorizing and storing the data in the preferred file format.
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What are the Cons of OMR sheet checker software?

  • 》 If the pen or pencil marks made on the OMR sheet are too light then OMR sheet checker consmight fail to read those marks which can lead to false data.
  • 》 If the scanner used for scanning the sheets is cheap or a basic model then it can only scan 50 to 100 pages in one go.
  • 》 When marking the bubble if the sheet gets torn then that particular bubble won’t be read by the OMR checker.
  • 》 OMR sheet should not be folded as the crease line can distort the pattern which can lead to fault in data when the OMR sheet will be checked.
  • 》 When designing the sheets timing tracks should be made in alignment with the bubble pattern as the bubbles are read in accordance with the timing track lines.

What are the uses and applications of OMR sheet checker software?

Many sectors and industries these days are opting for more tech-based methods to automate offline assessments and various other administrative tasks. Assessments and forms are a major part of almost all industries such as schools, colleges, institutes, coaching, corporate as well as government sectors.

In these sectors, OMR sheet checker software plays an important role in designing, checking and sorting data for various types of OMR sheets such as-

  • 》 Admission forms
  • 》 Registration forms
  • 》 Checklists
  • 》 Ballots
  • 》 Surveys
  • 》 Feedback forms
  • 》 MCQ based tests
  • 》 Recruitment tests and forms
  • 》 Appraisal and training tests
  • 》 Olympiads
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