What is an OMR Scanner? How OMR sheets are checked?

The OMR scanner is a machine that scans the OMR sheets with the help of OMR software. These sheets are specifically designed for scanners to read them. The OMR devices have scanners that shine and reflect the light onto the form. This beam light can capture the darkened area only. Through this procedure, then the software generates results.

how omr sheets are checked

What if the OMR scanner can’t read the answers? I mistakenly marked on another fill-in box, what will happen now? The ink spilled outside the checkbox a bit, will it create a problem? If you are curious about these questions as well, then find your answers below.

To know the answers to these questions, we need to first see how OMR sheets are checked

How OMR sheets are checked?

Here is the procedure that follows how to check OMR sheets, after the OMR examination:-  

  1. These sheets are properly assembled to put into the scanner. 
  2. There’s a beam light through which the sheet is passed.
  3. The light can easily read the darkened checkboxes.
  4. The correct answers are already fed into the OMR software.
  5. If the answer on the sheet matches with the registered answers, the software shows the answers as correct.  
  6. If the scanner failed to read the sheet. Then the sheet is manually inspected if it has been damaged or torn.  
  7. But if the scanner failed to check the answer. Then it means it was not marked properly. Hence, it is marked as negative. 
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What if the OMR scanner can’t read the answers?

The scanner will read your answers as long as it’s properly marked. Also if the sheet is in good condition to be read. Make sure the sheet is not dirty, folded, or torn at all. There are no ways the scanner will fail to read if these are not the situations. 

I mistakenly marked on other fill-in boxes, what will happen now?

If it is not properly marked or you just mistakenly made a stroke over it, then you most probably are safe. Because it is important to properly mark and bubble out over the sheet so the scanner can read it. 

But In case you have filled up the wrong box, then you lost it. As you can’t lighten or erase it unless you use a pencil. Also marking two checkboxes for the same question will get you nothing. No matter if one of those was the right answer. So it’s best to be careful. 

What if the ink spilled outside the checkbox a bit, will it create a problem?

If while filling up the box, you also filled the outside area of that box a bit then don’t worry. The scanner is the machine you are not to do everything with perfection.  But make sure that’s negligible or better be careful. Practice filling up the OMR sheet before your test or examination. As prevention is better than cure.