What is an OMR Application? What is the difference between OCR ICR OMR?

OMR Application refers to a method of saving data in a computer system. It reads marks on predefined positions in OMR sheets. Also, it converts the information into a data file. OMR technology is flourishing because of its accuracy and efficiency. Most of the examinations are OMR-based. If we look from the basics, OMR is a simple method of gathering information and converting the information into a data file. In the current scenario, it was difficult for the educational institutes to conduct a conventional form of examination.

The use of OMR is not only limited to schools and colleges only, but many coaching institutes and data collection agencies are also relying on the OMR technology because it is modernizing the data input process and it is scalable. With unmatched technology, it captures the data and saves it in the cloud. 

Initially, schools were doubtful about accepting the OMR technology as an alternative in conducting the exam. But, witnessing its great functionality, most of the schools are completely dependent on it. Moreover, it is making sheet processing easier and fast. It is revolutionizing the process for conducting OMR based exam

OMR Application

Uses of OMR Application or OMR Software 

  • Consumer Survey: Organizations conduct various kinds of surveys based on their product and services. It helps in collecting a large volume of data and saving it in the cloud. 
  • Test sheets: In this era, many government and competitive exams are based on the OMR, after realizing its fast pace functionality and advantages they are completely dependent on it. 
  • Election Results: In elections, manual counting of the votes is a tedious task. By using OMR application, it became easy for them to acquire data and save it safely. Also, it curtails any chances of cheating and inaccuracy. 
  • Keeping count of inventory: In big industries, keeping a count of inventory is crucial. With an OMR reader, it becomes easy and systematic. 
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Difference between OCR, ICR & OMR

When it comes to collecting data on large scale, you use lots of acronyms. Over the last three decades, many customers are aware of these acronyms. The most important ones are OMR, OCR & ICR. These are based on different recognition technology and based on your needs they collect data. Here is an outlook about OCR, ICR & OMR. 

OMR (Optical Mark Reader): 

OMR permits students to fill in the bubbles in any type of form. Traditionally, organizations and educational institutes used to use specialized scanners for scanning the sheets. These scanners were bulky and costly. After the advent of the OMR sheet scanner, there are no such constraints. It will save you time and money in scanning sheets effectively. 

OCR (Optical Character Recognition): 

OCR enables students to read machine-printed characters. It converts printed text documents into text for editing. OCR also provides an easy way for capturing data such as ID numbers, building numbers, class names, etc. It is complex in nature and comes with powerful features. It uses techniques to acquire data.

ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition): 

ICR can read handwritten text. It is powerful but the least accurate because of so many variables. ICR is apt for reading the comments of the responses. But, it sometimes gets difficult to read the handwritten of the human. 

It is important to select the right technology if there is any processing task. Amongst the three, OMR is fast and accurate. With OMR Application you can print, design, and scan OMR sheets without any hassle. Also., it would save you time and money.

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