Now easily gather pre and post test data with OMR Software!


Whether a course is being followed in school, coaching or an institute, in every educational organization an educator or trainer wants to keep the track of every student’s progress. To know what the student has grasped from the lessons and how well he/she has retained in their memory is an integral part to determine the success of an academic content and planning.

OMR Software to collect pre & post data
OMR Software to collect pre & post data

Now the educators can easily collect and keep records of the pre and post test data by integrating OMR software to their curriculum. Pre- test data is collected before the test material is taught whereas the post-test data is when the material has been taught.

What are some of the benefits of collecting pre-test data?

  •  – It gives insight to the overall knowledge of students.
  •  – Let’s the instructors know how much the students know about a specific topic.
  •  – It gives the instructor idea about the strengths and weakness of every student.
  •  – It guides the instructors to create effective study material.
  •  – Helps the instructor in targeting specific areas of a wide curriculum.


What are some of the benefits of collecting post-test data?

  •  – It gives insight to student learning once the syllabus/topic has been taught.
  •  – It highlights the areas that require improvement and what level of improvement is required for every specific student.
  •  – It helps in creating a roadmap for further curriculum.
  •  – The post-data collection is an effective method to quantify learning.
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Involving in all the collection and storing of pre-test and post-test data can become really tiring, inaccurate and time-consuming if done manually. This is where OMR checker software comes to the rescue of every educator, teacher and trainer who is passionate about maintaining efficiency in the teaching curriculum designed for ever grade.


How OMR sheet checking software helps in collection and storage of pre-test and post-test data?

Variety of OMR sheet designing tools and templates

The test creator gets the option of free designing tools as well as pre-made templates which can also be customize to suit the requirement. It is very easy to use those tools and you even get guidance through prompts and instructions.

You can use any scanner

The teacher/instructor does not need to rely on a specific OMR scanner, any scanner such as flatbed, ADF, and MFP can be attached with the software to scan the OMR sheets.

Ultimate Accuracy

The biggest advantage of using any form of technology is its accuracy. Especially in the case of OMR checker software, accuracy matters a lot. It is responsible to design, print, scan, read and evaluate the OMR sheet which is throughout a process that requires accuracy.

Super speed

OMR sheet checking software is fast to check sheets and forms and can read up to 300 sheets in a minute. Eliminating the drawback of error and increasing the speed by tenfold… OMR software is a sure benefit when it comes to meeting deadlines with accuracy.

Cost-effective technology

Think of all the money that goes into the conventional test method and form processing. You spend on loads of manpower and arrange for expensive logistics and yet, in the end, you get what? Pending deadlines, a lot of money gone and added stress!

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OMR software is just what you want to get your work done at half cost without any error. It can be easily installed on the computer and then you can design, print, scan, read and evaluate as many OMR sheets as you want.


Use of AI technology

To bring OMR software to its best of efficiency it has been integrated with the features that are backed by AI technology. Some of these features are-

  •  – It can highlight fault in the answer key which can be then changed manually.
  •  – It can detect cheating
  •  – It can detect the repetition in the forms and fields
  •  – It can also re-read faulty files

Unique barcode identification

You can label every OMR sheet with a unique identity through 1D, 2D barcodes and QR codes. Also, the OMR sheet reader is capable of reading these barcodes and generating the data accordingly.


Anybody who has been through the stress of manually entering the data knows what a pain it is. With OMR software you don’t have to go through all of it anymore. OMR software can easily sort the data in the pre-defined areas and columns…all you have to do is to import the data to an excel file or any other format where the data can be stored for future use.


OMR software can be easily used even by a layman who doesn’t hold any specialty in using the software. The complete platform comes with “easy-flow” features and you are guided on every step through prompts and a separate guideline.

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With all these and many more benefits and features of OMR checker software it has become very easy and affordable for the educators and teachers to conduct pre-test and post-test whether it has to be done in the setting of school, coaching, college or universities.