Which type of OMR Sheets can be read by OMR Software?

OMR Software will evaluate a variety of OMR Answer sheets. That includes the OMR forms used in the initial registration, examination, survey, feedback, ballot, etc. The OMR forms constitute of circles or bubbles that are aligned using special timing tracks. These tracks are solid rectangles that are provided either on one or both sides (left and right) of the sheet.

OMR Sheets Reader Software

Each of the questions will have the same number of bubbles that is in proportion to the tentative set of offered choices. A candidate has to darken the corresponding selection of bubble or bubbles against the subsequent question.

The sheets are evaluated using the optical mark recognition technology. This is a process to capture the human-marked data. The OMR sheets are primarily processed using the OMR software. First, the sheets are scanned using a normal scanner unit of type flatbed, ADF, MFP etc. Once the sheet set is scanned then the data is read using OMR software.

The user can evaluate bundles of OMR sheets inconsistency that too assured with a hassle-free operation interface. Some software also incorporates the advanced artificial intelligence technology to have an improved anti-cheat and wrong answer key detection features. It also offers improved reporting tools that not only ensures upgraded reporting channel and can be used for further forefront analysis.

The user can employ sheets of type A3, A4, A5, legal, letter, etc. and in vivid GSM’s of values 95, 105, 115, 120, etc. very efficiently.

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