Is OMR software “worth the money”?

OMR technology is gaining all time popularity for its characteristics that are taking the educational and survey industry by storm. Needless to say that as a test grading software, OMR technology has gained a position largely in the survey industries. The most recent switch of State Council of Educational Research (SCERT) to OMR has made it possible to grade the sheets of 36 lakh students who attempted the National Achievement Survey in Agra and Meerut.

Capable of undertaking innumerable functions, OMR software is an advanced form of Paper Based Test that has ruled out all the possibility of error and lag. OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader; the basic purpose of its software is to read the human marked bubbles and also works as an efficient multiple choice test grading software. In recent years OMR has evolved to be a pioneering solution towards transforming the subjective type tests into objective type tests.

Now if we talk about why you should be investing in this technology then for that purpose you need to take a tour through its features and advantages that will give you adequate guarantee about your choice.

omr software

Features of OMR software:


1. Use any printer to change a simple sheet into OMR sheet

Forget about searching for a particular printer that would cost you extra money, OMR software comes with an inbuilt feature that enables it to print OMR form with normal office printer.

2. Ease of using any type of scanner- flatbed/ADF/MFP

If it gives you the ease of printing with absolutely any printer then it also gives you the convenience to use a scanner that you have got in hand reach.

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3. Data- Extraction

Devoid of human error, OMR software calculates the data with complete accuracy eliminating all the chances of obtaining faulty reading of the score. All this is possible because of its Artificial Intelligence feature- Jump to the next point.

4. Artificial Intelligence

OMR software detects faulty questions by the recurrence of faulty answers. This makes it efficient in pointing out the error without hampering the accuracy of data obtained. Artificial Intelligence also works as a cheat-detector, now go to point 5.

5. Anti-cheat detection

The Artificial Intelligence feature also functions as a cheat-detector by calculating the percentage of answers that have been repeatedly chosen in a sequence.

6. Data reading speed

What more can you look for in the software that saves your time. OMR software has a speed of reading 300 sheets/min. This means that you can obtain instant result unlike manual checking that takes days in completing the process.

7. Print complex OMR sheets in seconds

OMR software has inbuilt designing tool that gives you varied patterns to select from. OMR based exams are prevalent in many industries so OMR software is designed in a way that it should be able to print sheets for variety of admission, examination, competitive and survey forms.

8. Assign unique barcodes to every OMR sheet

OMR software generates unique 1D and 2D barcodes for every sheet and also reads the barcodes during the scanning process.

9. User-friendly

With an interactive interface and a possibility to store your data in desired format you can easily access your files to create an instant analyzing and comparison table that will give you a comprehensive form of all the information that you require.

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OMR has no doubt got multifarious features operating on various levels of rendering perfection but its most remarkable attribute is providing convenient test grading solutions. Acquiring precise result is its forte; errors such as bias, totaling mistake and invalid marking are all that this test grading software eliminates with ease.

By now you must have already inferred the conclusion that how OMR software works in your favor by saving time, money and logistics. All of the above mentioned points outline a big picture of the software that runs more deep into delivering features that can’t be explained by mere use of words. After all, some things are worth your dime.

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