An informative guide to the process of OMR Sheet Evaluation!


OMR is a widely used technique influencing the academic and survey sectors in terms of making it more advanced and ready to face the challenges that the coming time has in stored. With its unique multifarious features, OMR is becoming a much acceptable choice for when it comes to conducting large scale Government or private exams or surveys.

Even coaching institutes are no different when it comes to using OMR as a productive tool. The recent shift of SCERT- State Council of Educational Research and NCERT- National Council of Educational Research to conduct their school based survey makes it evident that this technology is being acknowledged on a wider scale.

OMR Sheet Evaluation Process

Every feature of OMR technology is highly commendable but if we focus on one feature that is responsible in yielding effective result then it is the OMR sheet processing part. End result that is obtained by OMR solutions is accurate and precise but if we zoom in to the process that extracts this precision then we can know that how this technology has turned a complex process into a relatively seamless task.

Being a perfect informative guide this blog will take you through a revelation tour that will give you an idea about OMR processing and sheet evaluation.

  • ➣The very first step is printing of OMR sheets. It can be done without software too but it won’t be as easy as it seems to be with software that is entirely dedicated for taking on this purpose with ease. With OMR software you don’t need to search for a special printer that can carry on the task of printing neither do you have to depend on the size or quality of the sheet.You can attach any printer with your system and it will render the same level of efficiency and speed that an OMR printer can manage.
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  • ➣The next step is scanning. Once the printing is done and the sheets are accordingly marked by the candidates attempting the test then come the part of scanning. For extracting result out of those bubbled sheets, scanning is a necessary process. With software you can expect to get the results within a matter of time.The scanning speed, 300 sheets/ min is a mojo of OMR solutions.Another forte of this miracle of modern technology is you can use any scanner flatbed/MFP/ADF to get scans of the OMR sheets. No specific features are required to process.


  • ➣Then the last step is evaluation of sheets. Analyzing the performance of an aspirant is why exams are prepared at first place. But when it comes to evaluation then it is a tedious task that can’t be tackled on a manual level. This is why OMR is considered as an optimum solution to uphold this responsibility in an automated way.It eliminates every chance that can lead to an error while computing the scores. Manual errors such as bias, calculation mistake and irrational assigning of marks automatically get eradicated in the process of OMR evaluation of sheets. OMR solutions not just provide evaluation but also cares about sorting the scores into a well maintained format such as type excel, CSV, SQL and more. The scores that are generated and efficiently stored can be further analyzed to provide you a variety of competitive reports.

With a detailed overview of the OMR evaluation process you must have already got an idea of why you need this software. With a proliferation of similar software in the market which one is the best? Try Verificare OMR Software a trusted product by OMR Home team. Software exclusively designed to render all the above mentioned features with complete accuracy; moreover OMR Home also takes the charge to upload results on your website. Being consistently updated to keep up with the developing needs, you will never run out of its benefits.

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