How to maintain accuracy when printing OMR sheets?


OMR software has become a famous technology in many educational and corporate sectors to create MCQ test and forms. It can effectively extract data out of variety of OMR sheets such as tests, admission forms, Olympiads, surveys, recruitment tests, application forms, inventory, checklists and ballots.

OMR technology has been brought together to create a complete OMR solution that is capable of designing, printing, scanning, reading and evaluating OMR sheets. All the steps of creating, reading and evaluating sheets are very important and must be done with care and accuracy. But here we will discuss how to maintain accuracy when printing OMR sheets.

How to maintain accuracy when printing OMR sheets

The process of printing OMR sheets is not that tedious and can be done even by a person who has got no prior experience of using OMR technology. You don’t have to spend too much on special sheets, a printing agency or even on a special printer. With the help of OMR software and just a regular inkjet printer you can print as many OMR sheets as you want that too at cost-effective rates.

However, there are some precautions which you should take when printing OMR sheets to maintain the best accuracy. Let’s take a look at them-

  • – The size of the sheet must be in accordance with the OMR design that you have created. The dimensions of the design must be considered when selecting the size of the sheet for printing. If the design doesn’t perfectly fit on the sheet then there can be error in the scanning process.
  • – Once the sheet design has been created avoid making any type of changes later on in the format. Create the sheet design at once and make sure that is the final design.
  • – The index points on the OMR sheet are the main entities responsible for the accuracy of data collection. Index points should be designed with care and its print should be very clear and dark in color.
  • – The thickness of OMR bubbles should be appropriate. OMR sheet checker software is designed in a way to capture data out of the dark bubbles. In case of inappropriate thickness of bubbles the software might confuse them with the darkened bubbles and lead to inaccuracy in data.
  • – If you are a beginner at designing of OMR sheets then you can take help from the free in-built tools and templates to design your OMR sheet. With its help you can place everything accordingly and you will also know how and where to adjust various fields.
  • – You can use tools like CorelDraw to add the name of your brand or organization along with your own brand logo.
  • – Try to maintain proper space proportions between the edges of the paper and index points. Also there should be a proper distance between bubble pattern and index points.
  • – If you are willing to use any sort of text inside the circle then try to keep it small. Also avoid any sort of bold and dark fonts inside the circle.
  • – When adding any sort of cutting margin or tearing mark on the OMR sheet, make sure to keep it at a safe distance from the index points.
  • – The OMR sheet can be printed in black and white pattern as ell s in various colors so use the ink of printer accordingly.
  • – In the end, ensure that every sheet has been printed in proper alignment and that no sheet has got any sort of designing or printing error. If any sheet has been printed wrong then better discard it and print a new one again.
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OMR solution has got multiple benefits and many administrative as well as offline test creating/evaluating tasks have become much simpler. But still some precautions are needed throughout the process. When printing OMR sheets you should keep in mind the above mentioned precautions to experience the best of accuracy that OMR software provides.