How to check OMR answer sheets using Verificare OMR software?


Technology has reformed the rudimentary concept of assessments and is changing the way we have been dealing with it since long. Assessments have become an eminent part of many industries and sectors such as educational, organizational and professional and the fact that it is being driven by technology makes it all the more acceptable.

omr sheet checker software

One of many tech-driven assessment methods is OMR software which is used in schools and colleges and also in the process of HR and Government recruitment agencies. OMR based assessments are mostly objective type and are created on the format of multiple choice questions.

Now let’s discuss some of the basic features of Verificare OMR answer sheet checker software:

The first and most important feature of Verificare OMR answer sheet checker software is that it can read and evaluate any kind of OMR forms such as test paper answer sheet, admission forms, student evaluation forms, feedback forms, survey forms and even psychometric forms.

    • → It can process any type of OMR sheet- traditional, made on plain paper and even photocopy.
    • → It can also design any sort of OMR bubble sheet on any type and size of paper. The OMR sheets can be printed in four colors- Green, Blue, Orange and Red.
    • → The software has been designed to render ultimate speed of reading that is 300 sheets in a minute and can evaluate multiple sets of test paper automatically.
    • → To scan the OMR bubble sheets you don’t have to spend on expensive scanners all you need is a simple flatbed scanner and still the accuracy and speed won’t get affected.
    • Verificare OMR software provides detailed report of the evaluated sheets which is obtained by tallying the OMR sheets to the answer key.
    • → Its AI enabled feature can detect wrong answer keys which can be manually rectified afterwards.
    • → Another AI feature of Verificare is its anti-cheat detection. It can point out the percentage of copied answers in individual sheets.
    • → The result generated is visible in a detailed report form such as graphical reports, tabular reports, mark lists, etc.
    • → Verificare OMR test software is the only software that promises 100% result accuracy. The results can be further segregated as subject and topic wise.
    • → The software can identify mandatory fields and can crop desired areas such as photographs, signatures and contact details.
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What is the procedure to check OMR answer sheets using Verificare OMR answer sheet checker software?

After discussing some of the remarkable features of Verificare OMR checker software now let’s move on to a step wise procedure of checking OMR answer sheets using Verificare OMR software.

Define the Test

    • → Mention test particulars such as Test Date, Test Title, Test ID etc.
    • → Define the other information related to test such as subjects, various sub sections of the test and number of questions. Before saving all of it converge it into a sheet layout.


Put the Answer Key

    • → Go to the answer key panel and set the answer key along with the marking scheme which will be used in evaluation process.
    • → You have also got other options such as to classify the questions and manage tags.


Scan the OMR test sheets

    • Scan OMR answer sheets using any normal scanner such as flatbed/ADF/MFP.
    • → Verificare OMR answer sheet checker software is efficient in automatically rectifying and aligning the skewed images but still you should take care of placing the sheets properly in the scanner for maximum sheet scanning accuracy.


Result Processing

    • → Once the scanned sheets have been read using the Verificare OMR software, the scores get automatically evaluated according to the correct and incorrect answers compared with the answer key.
    • → Further the reports are generated which can be easily exported in form of mark lists and graphical reports.
    • → You also create your very own reports by exporting the acquired data into Excel and other types of formats.
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Verificare OMR Software – The complete OMR solution

Verificare is not just OMR software limited to reading and evaluation of OMR sheets but is a complete OMR solution in itself that can- Design form, Print OMR sheets, Scan OMR sheets with any scanner, Read OMR sheets and provide detailed result and analysis all at once.

Its multiple inbuilt features and various flexible functionalities make it best for all your OMR related needs. Right from designing OMR bubble sheets by using customizable templates and free sheet designing tools you can move smoothly to the end step of result generation with complete ease and accuracy.


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