How does an OMR Software work?

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition (or Optical Mark Reader) is the process to capture the human-marked data from documents. No doubt, the traditional techniques used for the evaluation of bundles of OMR sheets were time consuming and required a lot of human-intervention. You can use the OMR software to process surveys, tests, attendance sheets, checklists, and other plain paper bubbled forms.

How does OMR Software work
The OMR Software was designed to offer an extra-edge over the present OMR solutions. It is a computer software application that can easily process n number of OMR sheets inconsistency. It will be capturing the optical marks that are created on the forms. The software will extract data from noticeable fields, ranging from checkboxes, fill-in the fields, printed forms, etc.

Using the OMR software you can design, vivid range of sheets ranging from the initial OMR sheets to complex bubbled sheets. The user can deploy any type of printing machine to print bundles of similar OMR sheets, thereby making use of a normal paper like the A5, A4, A3, etc. The process of evaluation is simple.

The response marked on the sheet can easily be evaluated using a normal scanner unit of type flatbed, ADF and MFP, required scanning the responses. Once, scanned the data marked on the OMR sheets will be converted to digital form. The scanned set of sheets will be saved in a folder and the OMR software is instructed the path to that particular folder to read the responses marked.

The digital data will then be read using the OMR software. It will identify the predetermined positions of bubbles on the paper and detect the marked areas. It can easily process unlimited number of sets. The user has to click on, apply scores and can attain the total scores, computational ranks, section-wise reports and the percentage of the aspirants. The calculated results can easily be exported in different formats including excel, CSV, SQL, etc.

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OMR software is used to read the pen or pencil marked data. They provide higher efficiency to attain the quality benchmarks for evaluation of sheets. The performance is swift and consistent for bulk number of sheets. The software founds huge application in education, corporate, technology, research, election, ballot, etc.

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