Reformative contribution of OMR in K-12 assessments

School constitutes the basic value of education for students, imparting knowledge and developing skills in a way that enhances the overall persona of a child. It is compulsory to implement effective techniques of teaching and conducting exams in the school curriculum. We are seeing a steady growth in student population, so it’s near time to prioritize the worth of effective learning at school level by the application of few productive techniques one of which is OMR that stands for Optical Mark Reader.

Last year in November 2017, State Council of Educational Research (SCERT) conducted OMR based test on as many as 36 lakh students from 1.20 lakh schools from all over Agra and Meerut who took the exam in four subjects- Language, Environmental science, Social science and Mathematics.

Students of class 3rd, 4th and 5th attempted this test and it resulted as one of the greatest achievements in terms of the application of OMR technology in education. P.C. Jaffer, the Commissioner for Public Instruction went ahead stating the convenience with which such a huge scale exam took place, he told that the department prepared 891 versions of the questions that were based on the combinations of media and languages opted by the students.

OMR Assessment in K-12
The students had to only tick on the right option that saved a lot of time and the sheets got evaluated within no time by a scanner. OMR software solution is drastically making its way through the alleys of education system eliminating the hassles obtained by subjective type tests.

Subjective type tests lack the precision in terms of marking as it does not infer the exact knowledge of the student. OMR based test gives exact data by eliminating the possibility of subjective inaccuracy. A class comprises of different type of students: some are good at learning whereas some are good at grasping the logic but are unable to write long answers. At the end what matters is to judge the knowledge of the child for which OMR Software provide a common platform through which differently skilled students can be tested on a same level.

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Further if we ponder the importance of OMR based assessment techniques then we can easily come up with numerous points that can state its benefit in the K-12 curriculum, some of which are:

Extracting valuable info

OMR based test is specially designed to extract only the required knowledge out of a student. It eliminates the possibility of random information that a student is liable to provide by default in a subjective based test. This way it becomes easy for the teachers to comprehend the precise knowledge of the student for the respective subject.

Time saving

Subjective type tests are time consuming, giving a lot of stress to the teachers as well as to the students. They can’t be carried out on a frequent basis because of their lengthy pattern. In this case OMR serves as a right solution to assess the students with full accuracy and no wastage of time.

Easy availability of OMR software

User friendly OMR software is easily available in the market, many of which are specially designed to stand out as the best OMR software for schools by providing all the applicable helping features. It is not a rare technology anymore in fact many schools in South India have made it mandatory to follow the pattern of OMR assessment in their curriculum.

User friendly software

If OMR software sounds like a tedious deal that will charge a lot of amount and will require special tools then you are wrong. OMR Software has user friendly features which make it a perfect fit for schools. You can use the sheet of any size to print OMR pattern with any normal printer that you have. You do not even require any specific OMR sheet scanner, use any scanner and it will give the desired outcome without any hassle.

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Result accuracy

OMR software provides accurate result in a very less time and efficiently eliminates the chance of human error in computation of data. The data received is saved for future analysis that can be anytime accessed and compared in terms of progress during the complete span of an academic year.

omr based exam with verificare


In K-12 education system, coaching centers play right hand to imparting knowledge without which high school students stand no chance to proceed further for attaining higher education. OMR solutions in coaching industries can also yield the same above mentioned benefits as coaching institutes are no different from schools when it comes to shaping the future of our students. Hence, proper educational techniques will only make our Indian Education system strong to withstand the increasing population of students in today’s time as well as the time to come in near future.

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