Challenges that educators face when conducting OMR based tests


OMR software is significantly replacing the technique of conventional paper-based tests with its smart data extracting technology. There is no demeaning of the fact that OMR software is highly useful and has made a lot of progress in the world of tests, assessments and form processing. Its uses are vast because of its capability to design, print, scan, read and evaluate all types of OMR sheets and forms.

As we know that many competitive exams have adopted the OMR pattern for conducting test, one of which is National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) so yes, OMR based tests are indeed gaining pace on a larger scale.

omr based exam

Even though OMR software is highly acclaimed for its ease, accuracy and user-friendly feature still it comes with certain challenges that need to be understood and dealt with to make this technology usage more effective.

Tests are conducted for various purposes and reasons, also, some are large scale tests and some are on a smaller scale, according to which the educators have to counter the challenges of using OMR solutions as a form of test creating and evaluating technology.

Let’s take a detailed look at the challenges that educators face when conducting OMR based tests-

  • Designing of OMR sheets– It is easy to design few OMR sheets for school, colleges and coaching use but when it comes to high-stake tests or a large scale exam, then designing part can be difficult. Designing needs precision, and placement of every entity on the OMR sheet is important for the OMR sheet reader accuracy. With basic OMR software achieving this high level accuracy and combating the load of designing large number of sheets can become tiring.
  • Printing of OMR sheets– Printing is also a task of accuracy which can only be achieved with dedicated printers that have got extra dark ink and provides clear cut clarity. The efficiency of scanning the OMR sheets largely depends on the type of printing.
  • Scanning of OMR sheets– OMR software has got the ability to scan OMR sheets with just any regular scanner such as flatbed/ADF/MFP. But when it comes to scanning huge bundles of OMR sheets basic scanners are not useful.
  • Reading and evaluation– Reading of OMR sheets is a lengthy process. When reading large number of sheets both time and effort goes into it. After reading even the evaluation and data sorting part has to be taken care of, this cannot contain any sort of error no matter what.
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How does an OMR service provider ensure to beat all of these challenges?

Sheet Printing

According to the type of examination and the exclusive requirements of the administrator, the sheets are designed and printed by the OMR service providers. They can design and print any type of OMR sheet and form such as MCQ based tests, admission forms, application forms, checklists, surveys and feedback forms. You can also select the desired paper type ranging from letter, legal, A5, A4, A3, etc. While the designing and printing of OMR sheets extra elements are also taken care of such as printing of barcodes and holograms.

Sheet Scanning and Extraction of Data

Data extraction requires accuracy. The OMR solution providers are experts at maintaining the accuracy of scanning and data extraction. Once the sheets are marked, they are transported to the OMR solution services where they get scanned by large OMR scanners which are highly proficient and assure 100% accuracy.

Result Generation

The answer key that is provided in advance by the clients is used for checking the OMR sheets. The data is tallied with the help of advance level OMR software and then the scores are generated for each and every candidate. The scores are provided in well-maintained scoring formats of type excel, CSV, SQL, and more.

Declaration of result and analysis report

They are also involved in result declaration and convey the scores to each and every candidate through SMS services or by displaying it on the client’s website. Also a detailed analysis report is provided in graphical and statistical format which is useful for creating feedback report.

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What are the benefits of opting for OMR services?

  • Saves time– Designing, printing, scanning and then evaluating data of a large scale exam can be time taking and stressful. Instead, it is much better to give this task in the hands of professionals who are experienced in carrying out the entire procedure with ease.
  • Cost-effective– In comparison to carrying out the entire process in-house it is more cost-effective when done through outsourcing.
  • Complete accuracy– It is the specialty of OMR service providers to ensure 100% accuracy of data extraction and result generation.
  • Better scalability– One of the many benefits of OMR software is its scalability. The OMR service providers use high tech OMR software to ensure optimum scalability on terns of evaluation and result generation.


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