CBSE New Exam Guidelines Boosting The Emergence Of OMR Software

Like any other competitive exam, Class 10th exams would be MCQ-based. Considering the covid scenario, this is a radical shift for both students and teachers. Schools have initiated orientation classes for conducting the exam. The paper will be based on case studies MCQs. Students have to put effort to get used to it. Rote learning won’t be helpful in this exam. Responses will be marked in the OMR sheets, which would be directly uploaded on the CBSE portal after scanning on the same day. If we see things from the teacher’s perspective, preparing MCQ-based questions would be difficult in comparison to preparing a theoretical-based paper. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the new format of the examination. Parents and teachers are spending more time understanding the new format. The main objective of CBSE is to reduce the stress of students and teachers at this crucial time. 









New Format For CBSE Exam

English Term 1 Exam: 

There would be three sections: 

Section A Reading: Consisting of 18 questions. Attempt 14 questions as per the instruction given in each question. 

Section B Grammar & Writing: Consisting of 12 questions. Attempt 10 questions. 

Section C Literature: Consisting of 30 questions. Attempt 26 questions as per the instructions given in each question. 

All questions are of equal mark 

There will be no negative marking  

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Mathematical Term 1 Exam: 

There will be three sections:

Section A: 20 Questions of 1 mark each, attempt any 16 questions 

Section B: 20 questions of 1 mark each, attempt any 16 questions 

Section C: 10 questions based on two case studies, attempt any 8 questions 

There will be no negative marking 

Social Science Term 1 Exam: 

There will be four sections: 

Section A: 24 questions, attempt any 20 questions 

Section B: 22 questions, attempt any 18 questions 

Section C: Attempt any 10 questions 

Section D: 2 Map-based questions, attempt both questions 

There will be no negative marking 

How it will benefit OMR software companies? 

The new bifurcation in the exam format is increasing the demands of the OMR sheets. Schools are facing problems in designing OMR sheets. The school would require an OMR solution for streamlining the OMR-based examination process. School staff would be trained on handling OMR solutions. Schools need an ample number of OMR sheets for conducting the examination and practice for becoming exam ready. OMR sheet reader software is a suitable solution for schools, colleges, and Universities. It can read a thousand sheets at a time. It plays a crucial role in reducing the workforce and overall cost. OMR software for school can overcome all the challenges of conducting examinations. You can train IT personnel to use software, or you can hire a new workforce.

How it is changing the evaluation process? 

  • The software is a beneficial tool for extracting information from more than one OMR sheet. 
  • It can capture additional information like a signature, phone number, email address, home address, etc. 
  • You can read and assess the sheet simultaneously and generate smart results for determining the performance of students. 
  • It is the fastest and innovative way of analyzing objective and multiple-choice questions. 
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