How can OMR Software help in Evaluating NEET Exam?

NEET determines the eligibility to get admission to medical college for India and overseas. Institutes can conduct OMR Exam for NEET with OMR software. In this new normal, NEET has been conducted online. Initially, the NEET was conducted conventionally. There is a drastic change in the NEET 2021, aspirants are aware of the new pattern. According to the latest revision, there will be 200 questions, where applicants need to attempt 180 questions. Universities and colleges are adapting new NEET patterns. they are conducting Mock tests so that students are aware of the marking scheme according to the latest pattern. 

OMR Based Exam for NEET

OMR-based examination patterns are suitable for the survey, tests, checklists, etc. It offers accurate results. Although, the majority of the organizations are moving towards OMR-based exams for streamlining examinations. Hence, NEET 2021 is conducted on OMR software. OMR software is easy to use and cost-effective. 

OMR software extracts data that can be saved in MS word or excel and analyze the data accordingly. 

How to evaluate the OMR sheet with OMR software? 

It is simple to evaluate the OMR sheet for NEET, here are the following ways: 

  • • Define the Test: Mention the test details such as Test ID, Test Date, Test Name, etc. Also, you need to mention the other details such as subject, subsection, and number. 
  • • Put the Answer Key: Set the answer key with the marking scheme and categorize the questions with the tags. 
  • • Scan OMR sheet: You can use a normal scanner for scanning OMR sheets. Also, you can rectify the image by placing the sheets systematically in the corner. 
  • • Result processing: Once the sheets are scanned it would automatically evaluate the scores and generate reports automatically.  
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OMR software for NEET: A complete solution 

OMR software for NEET is not limited to the evaluation of OMR sheets only. It offers a complete solution, right from design to scanning of OMR sheets. Also, it provides flexibility to work according to your requirement. Also, you can customize the sheets according to your need to gain accurate results.