Which is the best scanner that can be used with OMR Software?

The process of evaluating OMR sheets requires fine precision and efficiency. Most of the educational, corporate and recruitment bodies have considered for the use of the OMR software to suffice their requirements of processing the OMR answer sheets. The sheet reading software can evaluate multiple bundles of sheets inconsistency.

Best Scanner That Can Be Used with OMR Software

Considering the sheet checking process using an OMR software. First, the OMR sheets have to be scanned using a normal scanner unit. The user can make use of a vivid range of scanners, ranging from the type flatbed, MFP (Multifunction printer), ADF (Automatic Document Scanner), etc. The scanned response is then read using an OMR software.

However, the effective speed of the sheet processing depends primarily on the type of scanner incorporated for scanning of sheets. The best scanner to compliment the sheet checking process is considered to be the ADF scanners.

An ADF scanner is a scanning machine that offers the feature to incorporate clusters of papers and the feeder unit will feed one paper at a time into the scanning assembly.

Fujitsu, Canon, Kodak and HP are the list of brands that have been tested and trusted over an OMR software assembly. As soon as the OMR sheets get scanned using a scanner unit, they can be read by an OMR software to produce to a final scorecard of the applicants marked responses.

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