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Since long humans are involved in the activities of collecting and processing the data. Over the time many methods were used to simplify this task but they all came with lesser benefits and multiple drawbacks. One of them was OMR, it was used as a primary method to collect and process data in educational domain as well as survey sectors. It had many shortcomings as well, but it got evolved with time in a soft-ware.

So let’s take a look at what exactly is OMR? What is OMR sheet? What is OMR software? What are its applications and uses? What are its benefits and drawback and lastly we will discuss some of its most common FAQs.

all about omr

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What is OMR?

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition also known as Optical Mark Reading. It is a method to capture and process the human-marked data on the OMR sheets and forms. It is used to read MCQ type tests, questionnaires and forms that have been shaded in the bubbles.

What is OMR sheet?

Also known as bubble sheet or optical answer sheet, OMR sheet is a special type of paper on which bubble pattern is designed through the OMR software and then printed.

The OMR sheet consists of a set of bubbles designed in a specific numbered format that represent the options in answers for every question. The bubble which is relevant according to the asked question has to be darkened with a pen or pencil which is then read by the software to extract data.

Free download Sample OMR Sheets for practice

What is OMR software?

Earlier the basic OMR technology has certain shortcomings which needed to be improved for more efficient functioning. OMR software is the advanced form of basic OMR technique. It comes in form of computer software application that makes it easy to be operated through a desktop.

OMR software is capable to take over the entire process in just few simple steps. It can design, print, scan, read and evaluate any type of OMR sheet without any additional software requirement.

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How OMR software works?

OMR software is very easy to use! You do not require any specific knowledge or skill to operate the software. All that you need to do is to install the software in your computer/desktop and then follow the below mentioned steps-

omr software features

  Step 1 – Designing part

If you have decided the requirement of the OMR sheet and what type of test, questionnaire or form you need to create then you can start with sheet designing part. For sheet designing you can use the in-built designing features and templates and customize them according to your choice. Take care when creating the index points as they are the main elements that help in scanning of OMR sheets.

  Step 2 – scanning of OMR sheets

Now you need to get the marked documents scanned. For scanning the OMR sheets you don’t need to depend on those bulky and expensive OMR scanners. Any regular scanner can be used such as flatbed, ADF and MFP to scan the sheets.

  Step 3 – Reading of OMR sheets

The reading part is important for converting the data to digital form after scanning the OMR sheets. The OMR sheet reader software is designed in a way to read OMR sheets according to the instructions specified. The reading functionality has got many dedicated features which makes it fast, accurate and easy to read the OMR sheets.

  Step 4- Evaluation and sorting of data

If you are processing the sheets for MCQ tests or questionnaires then the OMR sheet checker software goes as far as generating a proper result report for every candidate. If the OMR sheet that is being scanned and read is a form then the data is extracted and stored in an excel sheet.

What are the features of OMR software?

OMR software is a repository of features that makes it ideal for automating the data acquiring and processing method in educational, government and survey sectors. Some of its most acclaimed features are-

  • 》 It comes with in-built designing tools and templates that are free and can be customized to suit the requirement.
  • 》 It can scan and read any type of OMR sheet right from the one made on plain paper to the ones that are photocopied.
  • 》 Any type of scanner can be used to scan the sheets such as flatbed, ADF and MFP and still the quality of scanning doesn’t get affected.
  • 》 The thickness of the paper and the color of printing doesn’t cause any trouble with either the scanning or the reading part.
  • 》 OMR sheet checker software is designed to detect cheating and wrong answer keys.
  • 》 It can print and read 1D, 2D barcodes as well as QR codes.

What are the applications and uses of OMR software?

The usage of OMR technology is vast and can be effectively used in schools, colleges, surveys, organizations and government sectors to create and process-

  • 》 Research related to institutions
  • 》 Consumer surveys
  • 》 Community surveys
  • 》 Assessments and tests
  • 》 Product evaluation
  • 》 Data compilation
  • 》 Various applications
  • 》 Lotteries and voting
  • 》 Product evaluation forms
  • 》 Feedback forms
  • 》 Time sheets and inventory counts

What are the Pros & Cons of OMR software?

OMR Software Pros-

  • 》 It can be easily installed in a computer/desktop after which you can create, scan and read as many OMR sheets as you want.
  • 》 It is highly cost-effective in comparison to the manual methods of conducting tests and surveys.
  • 》 It saves a lot of time as its every functionality has got the best speed. OMR sheet reader has the capacity to read up to 300 sheets in a minute.
  • 》 OMR software can be used as standalone software and does not require any extensions.
  • 》 It provides ultimate accuracy which is very important when collecting and processing data on a large scale.

OMR Software Cons-

  • 》 Because OMR sheet is a simple paper so there are chances of it getting torn or tampered during collection and transportation.
  • 》 To avoid the folding of sheets you need to use a better quality paper that has got some level of thickness to it.
  • 》 The printing part needs to be done carefully as the accuracy of scanning and reading depends on it. If the ink is not much dark or the index points (Timing Tracks) have not been defined properly then the sheets can be scanned incorrectly or in worst case…not scanned at all.



To further eradicate your doubts and to answer all your questions related to OMR software, its various features and functionalities, we have given FAQ part, read on below-


Designing Part


What is Timing Track? What is the importance of Timing Track in OMR Sheets?

Timing tracks are the small block patterns on the sides of the OMR sheets which are used to indicate the alignment of the sheets. They are important when scanning the sheets. The timing tracks are important in the process of scanning the sheets as the scanner recognizes the marked bubbles in correspondence with timing tracks.

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What are the precautions when designing timing tracks?

Timing tracks are one of the most important entities on OMR sheet. When designing timing tracks you should ensure that they are properly defined an in alignment with the bubbles printed on the sheet. Once you have created the timing track don’t change it later.

How to create a proper OMR sheet design?

With OMR software, creating a proper OMR sheet design is not at all difficult. All you need to do is to use the free tools and templates available and customize them according to your requirement.

What colors can you use in sheet designing?

OMR software gives you the option to use 4 types of colors that are blue, green, red and orange.

Do you require any specific skill or help when designing the OMR sheet?

No. anybody can easily design OMR sheet. You can go through the guidelines mentioned and can use the tools that are properly defined. You can also use the readymade templates and just make the changes wherever it is required.


Printing Part

Do we require any special type of paper for OMR Sheets?

No, there is no requirement for any proper OMR sheet with cutting marks. You can use any type and quality of paper. But, it is advised to use a good quality paper so that the sheet doesn’t get tampered or torn during collection and transportation.

As we have seen the OMR Sheets are generally in pinkish red color. Do we require any special type of color for printing OMR Sheets?

No, you can use a normal ink and a regular printer to print the OMR sheets.

Do we require any special type of printing for OMR Sheets?

No, you don’t require any special type of printing. All you need to do is to take extra care that the printing ink is enough dark and the index marks have been properly printed in alignment with the bubbles.

What kind of printer can be used to print OMR sheets?

OMR sheets can be conveniently printed by using a black and white laser printer.

Can you print colored OMR sheets?

In OMR software you get the option to design 4 color OMR sheets so to print those you can use inkjet printer or color laser printer can be used.

Scaning Part

Is Rescanning Necessary if the Correct Answer for a Question Has to be changed?

You don’t have to scan the sheets again all that you need to do is to manually rectify the answer key, rest the OMR software can generate accurate data accordingly.

Which scanner should we use with OMR Software?

OMR software these days are not dependent on specific OMR scanners. You can pair any regular scanner such as flatbed, ADF and MFP and still get optimum accuracy.

How do you define an Answer Key in the OMR Software?

Entering the answer key in the OMR software is not at all difficult and can be done with two easy methods. 1st method is to copy-paste the answers from an excel file. 2nd method is to manually fill the answer key.

Can anything go wrong during scanning of the OMR sheets?

If you have used a scanner earlier then you must be aware of how to use it. When you are scanning OMR sheets you need to be a little extra careful as it is different from scanning a normal sheet. You will have to take care of the index marks and that they should be aligned on the left side. Also you should not scan sheets in bulk as they can get stuck somewhere. Cut the bulk of sheets into few numbers of sheets and then put them through the scanner.

How can we change the settings of the scanner?

It is advised to use the default settings for a scanner but if still you want to change it then do it from the software itself.


Reading Part


What is the OMR Sheet Checking Software Used for?

The OMR sheet checking software is one of the functionalities of OMR software which is used for processing the OMR sheets. It is mainly used by educational, government and corporate sectors to conduct MCQ tests and create variety of forms and checklists.

Can the OMR Software Read Candidate Names?

Candidate names and their individual contact details can be entered in the software as a one-time process by the admin. OMR software can mainly check information that is statistically relevant rest the irrelevant details such as signature and photographs should be avoided as it increases the processing time.

What is the accuracy of the data captured?

The data that is captured from the OMR sheet through OMR software almost guarantees 100% sheet reading accuracy.

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Do I get an error if the OMR sheet is not printed or scanned properly?

Yes, if the OMR sheet is not printed or scanned properly then the OMR software will reflect error.

Can OMR software re-read faulty files?

If there is any fault in the answer key and you have changed it manually then the OMR software re-reads the faulty files. It is one of its many methods to ensure data accuracy.


Evaluation Part

Is the evaluation part of OMR software automatic?

Yes, OMR software automatically evaluates the entire data and generates the result. You don’t have to do anything manually as all the calculation and sorting part is done automatically.

Can I Evaluate a Test While Retaining the Results From the Previous Tests?

Yes, you easily evaluate multiple tests at a time all the while retaining the results of the previous test. Also in the same session the software can read sheets with different designs and layouts and can generate separate test reports which can be stored in a proper file format.

How Much Time Does the Answer Sheet Checker Takes to Evaluate the OMR Sheets?

The standard version of OMR sheet checker software can read up to 300 sheets in a minute which means 18,000 sheets in an hour. The main time that goes into processing the sheets is when they are being scanned. Rest, the time that goes into generating result and declaring reports is merely five minutes.

Can the OMR Sheet Checker Evaluate Tests with Questions Distributed on 2 Sides of the Same Page?

It doesn’t matter if the OMR sheet is printed on one side or both side, the OMR sheet checker can evaluate both sides of the sheet with equal accuracy.

What is the evaluation accuracy of OMR software?

The test evaluation accuracy of OMR software is close to 100%. Rest it also depends on how well the sheets have been printed and scanned.

Result Generation Part


In What Formats Do we obtain the OMR Test Reports?

The test reports are obtained in form of statistical and graphical representation. After the test reports are generated they can be easily transported to excel format or you can even store it in a format that is according to your choice.

What are the types of reports?

The reports that are generated for MCQ tests are provided based on variety of factors such as marks obtained in every single question, marks obtained in subject, marks obtained on a topic. Also it can show comparative reports with that of the topper and the overall rank.

Can you share the reports with the candidates and their guardians?

Yes. For sharing the test reports with the candidates and their guardians you can put them on cloud platform from where the students can view there test report by logging in their account. You can also send the link through mail or message.

Can OMR software sort the data that is obtained in the end?

OMR software has been integrated with special features that can sort the obtained data in proper fields and format that has been pre-defined by the admin.

Can you save the data in the preferred file format?

Yes, the data can be saved in an excel file or any other file format that you want. This makes it easy to view the data anytime in the future for the purpose of reference.



What is the OMR Answer Sheet?

OMR answer sheet is also commonly known as bubble sheet or optical answer sheet. It is a special paper sheet on which systematic bubble pattern is designed and printed through OMR software.
It is used for collecting data from various educational institutions and corporate, government sectors through tests, forms or surveys.

What is the advantage of using OMR Sheet?

Saves paper- Paper-based tests require a proper 14 sheet booklet which consumes a lot of paper. OMR sheet can consist of at least 500 MCQ type questions in a single sheet of paper.

Easy to handle- In case of both paper-based tests as well as OMR based tests the answer sheets have to be collected and transported to a certain place. It is easier to collect and transport OMR sheet because of its quantity and superior quality.

Good processing speed- With OMR sheet you can easily collect the date and put the sheets for processing through OMR software. The processing speed of OMR sheets is really good and the software can generate instant data.

Is it required a very good software skill to use OMR Software?

OMR software is very easy to use and you can operate its entire features without any prior knowledge and skills. You should only know how to use a computer, rest the software comes with in-built guidelines and instructions that helps you on every step of sheet designing, printing, scanning and reading.

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