40 Questions OMR sheet – Sample for free download

No need to waste your time in designing an OMR sheet or learning how to do it Verificare OMR software will do it on your behalf without creating any hassle for you. OMR Home has provided a free sample of 40 questions OMR sheet, to download. Mostly used by educational institutions, it is used to attempt offline exams that are objective or multiple choice type in nature.

The provided sample sheet has got OMR space for following informative categories:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Roll number
  • Test ID
  • Mobile number
  • Test subject

The sample OMR sheet consists of total 40 questions, divided in 4 rows with 10 questions in each row. Every row has got 5 sets and every question has got 4 options named A,B,C,D. The students are instructed to fill relevant bubbles and not to put cross or tick marks in them.

40 Questions OMR Sheet Sample

40 Question OMR Sheet Sample

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