Use the Right OMR Software to Save Time and Precious Resources

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is commonly associated with prolific use in grading examination papers. This is a prime example of the use of an OMR sheet checking machine, but there are various other sources that may be scanned. This is because the main purpose of these machines is to scan data- which can be in the form of tick marks in boxes or darkened/coloured circles.

The other ways an OMR sheet checking machine may be used are to help count ballots during an election, in companies dealing with the current data deluge, for surveys and important questionnaires in hospitals or companies, for registration, feedback forms etc. Normally, businesses and institutions will need to invest in expensive hardware – the scanner, which also has another major limitation- only an OMR practice sheet that has a very specific format, may be used. This limits the amount of information that can be obtained from various sources, as you need to ensure that all data fed into the OMR sheet scanner is fixed. Our high-quality OMR sheet scanners software, Verificare, will help automate workflow and reduce manual errors.

Verificare, our OMR sheet scanner software, ensures that you don’t need to invest heavily in particular hardware, as it is compatible with a variety of printers and scanners widely available in the market. It also incorporates useful and intuitive AI-based features which ensure no cheating has occurred and help to detect if there is any issue with the answer key.

OMR Home’s bubble sheet-checking software can also scan data off plain paper sources or from OMR practice sheets with different formats. Hence, you don’t need to ensure that all data presented to the scanner is of the same type, as this may limit the kind of information you can have access to otherwise.

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Having initiated the use of such software, we periodically undergo stringent quality checks to ensure that our software does not malfunction. The right OMR software can assist with deriving useful statistical data from information fed into the scanner and help you make informed business decisions under the best circumstances.

Further, Verificare is very cost-effective. This is mainly because it works with any scanner/printer you may have at your business-

  • If you have a Fujitsu – 6130, then you can check up to 40 pages per minute (ppm)
  • With Avision – 220C2- almost 35 ppm
  • Canon can deal with about 20 ppm

This eliminates the need for a specific scanner. Also, these are just some metrics. With modern machines, even a normal printer can be utilised to print out forms- instead of specific printers, leading to higher investment costs. There is no need to stick to particular paper sizes, or the requirement for exclusive paper types, to print the OMR practice sheet. We offer the best quality at affordable rates. Simply create, print, scan and go!

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