OMR Software Solutions are Super Intuitive and Customised for All Your Needs

An Optical Mark Recognition device or Optical Mark Reader(OMR) on an instrument is used to scan a sheet of paper containing information in the form of darkened circles or bubbles, or squares. The uses are aplenty- for surveys, assessments, ballot counting, lotteries, etc., and this means the use for these machines is not limited to just educational institutions. Many companies can benefit from the use of a good device. Take a look at our OMR demo on the website to see how it works. It is especially helpful for organisations that regularly deal with large amounts of customer/student data.

As mentioned above, let us see how OMR Home’s OMR device helps in the following ways-

Exams and assessments in educational institutions– most competitive exams these days are conducted using Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), to test aspirants. Evaluation is done using an optical mark reader

Survey taking– government agencies and businesses need to have access to the latest information relating to market research, and these critical questions can often be answered with a well-designed questionnaire or survey. Integrating these results with our OMR scanner helps in this scenario.

For research purposes– these devices use AI-dependent tools and help with the statistical analysis of compiled data. They also ensure minimal to nil human errors this way.

Voting– counting ballots manually is very time-consuming and prone to errors. It hence becomes important to use our high-quality OMR device here.

Lotteries– low to almost zero chances of rigging the system, and hence this is fair for all people who have applied for a particular lottery, as you can be confident that the result is unbiased and fair.

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An organisation can use these machines for other purposes- but please remember to design the right kind of OMR sheets, as this can determine the kind of data you can later have access to. At OMR Home, we are ready to help in this regard.

Some aspects to keep in mind while using our OMR scanning software:

Scanning documents in the right way is important, so the OMR device detects the data easily.

Sheets should not be mishandled or torn.

It is important to remember that the answers to all the questions come in the form of a yes or no, or they are objective. Hence, avoid including answers that are descriptive. Intricate questions hence cannot be answered, and details may be missing.

Designing the right kind of questionnaire on the OMR sheet for non-descriptive questions will greatly eliminate the need for more paperwork.

Previously, investing in a good OMR device/scanner meant high investment and low returns on investment (ROI). It is not the case now, as our OMR scanner price is competitively priced due to high demand and supply. This will be very helpful if your firm is small and just starting out but still needs to deal with lots of important data.