How to fill the OMR sheet fast? 10 reasons when OMR Sheet is rejected

“Have you ever been given a competitive exam where you have to mark responses?”

If yes, you must have remembered, that how an invigilator gives you regarding filling OMR sheets. If you haven’t got the experience and want to know more about it, then you are at the right place. OMR is the oldest form of conducting exams. Most of the competitive exams are OMR based examination. It is a process of capturing human-marked data and using it for further analysis. This form of the exam is famous and accurate. There is no exception that examination authorities are dependent on OMR for its authenticity. Correct and neat filling of OMR is crucial as it is technologically drawn and error-free.

The proper filing of personal information as per admit card and darkening the bubble for filling the right answers is essential for each candidate. It is common that aspirants to face issues in filling OMR, especially for those who are giving exams for the first time. 

How to fill the OMR sheet fast? Top 10 reasons in which case the OMR sheet was rejected?

What are OMR sheets? 

OMR sheets are specially curated for technical documents with the dimensions based on the software which is used for scanning. To record the answers to the multiple-choice questions for various competitive exams. OMR is making it possible to assess and declare results in less time. It has technical parameters which differ from the software you are using. The evaluation of OMR is done through the reader. Its accuracy is 99%. OMR sheets can also be used for surveys, questionnaires, etc. It is a powerful technology for assessing the aspirants’ ability.

OMR sheets are considered an easy and reliable method for managing exams for major sectors such as corporates, universities, and schools. These domains use OMR for assessing the student’s performance and employee’s performance. 

Importance of OMR – Optical Mark Reader

OMR is used in numerous competitive exams across the nation. It helps in capturing manual data. It is fair and effective when it comes to determining the lakhs of candidates for saving time and driving results faster. Moreover, it is a great solution for MCQ paper. It is accepted across the globe and if you are appearing for any exams, you can encounter this form of exams. The candidate has to circle the correct option as it is a faster way. There are minimum errors when it comes to using OMR. Also, it is effective in sorting all the information and reading correctly. Moreover, it is cutting down the expenses instead of paying the workforce. Also, it can download large amounts of OMR sheets.

From admission to an examination, OMR is used in various ways. In today’s time, OMR is affordable and swift. Although OMR technology is here since the age, it continues to evolve. Conventional OMR systems required special scanners and pre-printed forms. It is eliminating the use of high-volume applications and bulky scanners. It is flexible to work on the OMR technology for gathering billions of data. 

How to use an OMR sheet? 

Marking answers in OMR requires practice. Aspirants should be careful while filling OMR without any error. Here are the basic guidelines before attempting the exam:

  • ✓ Stick to a blue or black ball pen only for darkening the bubbles. 
  • ✓ Do not use a pencil until there is any instruction on the sheet. If there is, then use HB or 2B pencil only
  • ✓ Darken the bubble completely, and do not use tickmarks to answer the question. 
  • ✓ Over-filling or underfilling in the sheet will be marked as a wrong answer. 
  • ✓ Do not use rough work anywhere on the OMR sheet. Do it on the designed area only. 
  • ✓ Avoid using whitener

Tips to fill the OMR sheet fast

While attempting the exam, there are might chances that you would spend a lot of time filling the sheet. If it is the first time, here are a few tips that can help you; 

  • ✓ Before marking the answers, fill in the important details such as roll number, name, center code Booklet number, etc
  • ✓ Solve the question and then mark the correct answer. Filling bubbles in hustle can lead to marking incorrect answers. 
  • ✓ Devote your time accordingly and darken the bubbles. 
  • ✓ If you are doubtful about any question, then temporarily fill the bubble with a pencil. If you get the correct answer then darken the bubble and erase the temporary answer with the bubble. 
  • ✓ Fill the answers to questions number-wise and attempt all the questions. 
  • ✓ Any changes in the writing roll number should be done priorly
  • ✓ Avoid folding answer sheets in multiple ways. 

10 main reasons when OMR Sheet is rejected

Here are some of the reasons why an OMR Sheet is rejected:

  1. Not filling the set ID: This is a serious error if the candidate forgets to fill the set ID. OMR reader does not know which answer sheet series it is. This would result in the missing OMR sheet. 
  2. Multiple choices of answers: If there are multiple answers to a single question then the OMR reader will read the answer mark it is as incorrect. Also, there might be chances for negative answers. 
  3. Half-filled Bubble: OMR is unable to evaluate the half-filled bubble. Then it would be treated as no entry or not attempted. 
  4. Marking outside the bubble: The OMR is unable to read the answer if the answer is written outside the bubble. 
  5. Stray marks on the OMR sheet: These marks misalign the OMR reader as it is not aligned in the horizontal bar. This might result in not reading the answer sheet completely. 
  6. Signature outside the box: It is similar to stary marks. The OMR reader will not be able to recognize the answers marked on the sheet. 
  7. Name Bubble not filled: It would record an incorrect name. 
  8. Roll no. filled incorrectly; It will record an incorrect roll number. 
  9. Rough work on OMR: This will lead to a problem in reading the OMR sheet and it would create confusion in analysis. 
  10. Using ink-based pen: Using an ink pen can tamper with the sheet and it would lead to problems in assessing the sheet. 


Before attempting the exam, go through the entire question paper and solve the questions. Then darken the bubble after reading the question paper. Also, pay proper attention to filling the important details in the OMR sheet. In some exams, the numeric block starts from 0 to 9, and some ranges from 1 to 9. Also, candidates should be attentive while submitting the OMR sheet. 

Hence, it is proven that OMR technology is prominent for managing competitive exams. Filling the OMR sheet with perfection is crucial. An aspirant should adhere to the instructions properly. If you need any guidance you can through the steps. 

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