Verificare- Why It’s Not Your Typical OMR Software

Optical mark recognition or OMR software facilitates the automatic reading and digitization of “fill in the bubble” types of user-input information. Tests, questionnaires, surveys, polls, and other types of similar data collection modalities are made easier by the automation of the reading process. Over the years, OMR software has evolved from scanning punch and hole cards to being able to read a plethora of different formats at an ever-increasing speed. Verificare brings the consumer an all-in-one software package that bundles the design, production, extraction, and data analysis aspects of OMR scanner software in an easy-to-use, smart and accurate manner. Listed below are a few of the features that make Verificare the OMR practice sheet reader of choice.

OMR Practice Sheet Design

Verificare comes with its own powerful suite of tools and features to help users custom design their own “bubble sheet” This versatility offers users powerful design choices that allow them to customize OMR practice sheets according to their needs and not be restricted to a pre-set template of choices. For example, as opposed to using the standard bubble-sheet type format. Users can vary the number of options and the layout of sheets and bubbles in a suite that is designed for this format instead of using third-party software separately. To truly understand the variety of choices on display, the following is a perusal of Verificare’s select features.

1. The ability to edit pre-designed OMR practice sheets and design novel layouts using an easy to use drag and drop functionality.

2. Infinite customizability by being able to generate a potentially unlimited number of fields and the ability to choose question types by using entry modes like matrix entry and labelled entry. Similarly, the number of questions that can be added also has no upper limit.

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3. The ability to add barcodes as well as QR codes.

4. In addition to this, the OMR practice sheets can be printed in Blues, Green, Orange, and Red. This designed sheet can then be exported in both PDF and CDR format, fed into any normal printer to generate custom OMR sheets.

Various levels of software verticality and easy-to-use design philosophy make this an important asset to any industry that collects user-driven data.

Hardware Integration

Verificare is compatible with any normal consumer-grade printer available and does not need OMR practice sheet specific hardware. Seamless integration allows the re-purposing of any old printer to produce OMR sheets. In the same vein, any consumer-grade printer/scanner, whether it be MPF/ADF/Flatbed, can be used to scan OMR practice sheets, binning the need for OMR sheet scanner specific hardware. Conventionally, OMR sheet scanners require a specific machine both for printing and scanning of the data sheets. This need is now completely eliminated. Other requirements, such as the GSM of the paper as well as the features of the OMR sheet having 0.05mm precision, have also been softened. Verificare guarantees 100 percent accuracy in the data collection process. The requirements for bulky hardware and accurate-feature-specific paper printing have now been eliminated.

Speed and Data Integrity

Compared to traditional OMR sheet scanners allows, users to scan at a blistering 300 sheets per minute. Ten times faster than traditional industry standards. Coupling this with a 100 percent accuracy in the data reading process guaranteed by Verificare makes this a potent platform to create and extract data all in one convenient suite. Verificare also boasts of added artificial intelligence capabilities that do two things. Its anti-cheat function is used to scan the information and, using complex algorithms, parse out whether the patterns of information given by the user fit known mathematical patterns of cheating. This is a powerful tool to have for universities and test centres, given the sheer volume of test takers and the plethora of exams, and mock tests year around. Having the capability to not only read the data at unprecedented speeds but also to be able to use AI to potentially dampen attempts at malpractice becomes an essential tool to the educational industry. The second capability of the AI is it can detect wrong answers by comparing its previously acquired data from each sheet to prevent any false positives or false negatives in the data collection process. This drives the veracity of the data collection to 100 percent accuracy and at unprecedented acquisition speeds of 300 OMR practice sheets per minute.

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Smart Software Functionality

From design to data analysis, Verificare provides end-to-end support right from the design and printing of the OMR scanner sheet to the reading, analysis, and exporting of data. After using any old run-of-the-mill scanner to scan up to 150 OMR scanner sheets, users can then opt-in to use the speed booster option to double their scanning speed to 300 sheets per minute. It is ten times faster than what is traditionally available. Also, Verificare automatically scans and reads the collected data at the same time whilst automatically mirror-flipping the scanned image, reducing the need for user input and human error and automating the entire process of data collection. It then employs the smart reading capability to identify damaged or non-functioning files to then be filtered out. By minimizing the need for constant human input every step of the way, human errors are reduced. This is important in many fields where every data point represents a choice made by an individual.

Data Handling

Verificare takes care of the end stage of the OMR sheet scanner software process as well. Verificare allows the addition of answer keys directly from MS-Excel making, further uplifting its ease of use. An automatic score calculation function automatically and instantly maps the answer keys given by the individual allowing for score calculation. This alleviates the need to manually tally scores for thousands of candidates, significantly reducing the necessary man hours required, especially during exam season. After extracting the data Verificare allows the user to export the scanned data directly to MS-EXCEL as a .csv file making it easy to further handle and process the data. A CUSTOM software feature also enables the choice between SQL, MS-ACESS, and other data sources, which provides the user with an even greater choice.

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All in all, Verificare provides users with the ability to create OMR scanner sheets, scan them, extract data, check for cheating and false marking and export the data in a rapid, accurate, easy, smart and reliable package. Making it the software suite of choice for both small operations, such as local surveys, to industries handling large volumes of sheets, such as colleges, testing bodies, organizations, coaching centres and large-scale government and private surveys. Verificare takes verified care of all your needs, so get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.