How to Make the Most of OMR Technology?

In a world filled with competitive examinations taken by thousands of students, the need for quick processing and evaluation of exam results is imperative. For this, OMR technology has come to the rescue. Today, OMR technology allows educational institutes to process thousands of answer sheets in a fraction of the time taken by human evaluators. This is what you should know about OMR technology and how to use it effectively.

What is OMR technology?

OMR or Optical Mark Recognition is a way of gathering data from human beings by identifying marks they make on a special sheet called an OMR sheet. It accomplishes this feat with the help of an OMR device called an OMR checking machine or OMR scanner. The OMR scanner is not a scanner in the traditional sense. It does not generate an image of the sheets that are passed through the device. Instead, the OMR device issues a laser beam that detects whether the predefined spaces are marked or left blank.

The OMR sheet is a specially printed form, and the OMR checking machine reads the predefined spaces where the test takers will mark their answers. OMR technology allows institutes and organisations to process large numbers of hand-filled forms with great accuracy and speed. The tests will be in the form of multiple-choice questionnaires.

What are the advantages of OMR technology?

  1. An OMR checking machine can check thousands of answer sheets in an hour.
  2. It is highly scalable. If you want to increase the number of answer sheets checked per hour, all you need to do is upgrade the software.
  3. It eliminates the risk of human error on the part of the test evaluator.
  4. It helps institutes and organisations save time and money as they do not need to employ human evaluators to go through thousands of answer sheets.
  5. OMR technology makes data collection almost effortless. It is the choice technology for exams, surveys, and checklists.
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What do you need to know about OMR Home?

OMR Home has been providing OMR solutions to satisfied clients across the globe for more than a decade. Our OMR device helps to provide high-quality, accurate, and reliable OMR readings. Our focus is on the education industry, and we strive to provide the best OMR solutions to educational institutes all over the world.

We provide the latest OMR software that is capable of reading both traditional OMR forms as well as plain paper OMR sheets accurately. This software is called Verificare; it comes with a guarantee of 100% accuracy.

We also have a software called Question Bank that helps institutes design daily, weekly, and monthly tests. With this software, educators can generate fresh question papers in a matter of seconds. It is a windows-based software that is easy to understand and use. Even new users will not struggle when using this software.

We also offer a tool called Test Analytics that helps to analyse different tests from our Smart Reader database or any other database. With this tool, you can prepare the text and graphical reports, which may be exported into MS Excel or MS Word formats. It also allows you to publish the reports online for students and parents to peruse. Test Analytics allows you to create tests, maintain the records of those tests, and retrieve those records easily at a later date.

Tips on how to ensure seamless and effective OMR scanning

Our OMR Home software is the answer to all your OMR-related requirements. From generating tests in a matter of seconds to processing thousands of answer sheets, evaluating results rapidly and accurately to preparing analytical reports of those results. With our software, it will be easier to prepare and process exams.

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However, even the best software will not help when things don’t run according to plan. OMR makes the processing of answer sheets a breeze as long as there is no problem with the actual scanning process. An issue during the scanning will turn an easy and quick task into a frustrating problem. So, to make the most of OMR Home software, here are some tips on getting the best results for seamless and effective OMR scanning.

• Load the OMR sheets correctly:

An incorrectly placed OMR sheet will not be read by the scanner properly. This seems obvious, but when you are in a hurry, small mistakes like this may happen. In order for the OMR device to read the OMR sheets properly, it needs to be able to read the sheet’s track marks. The OMR sheets have to be placed with the sheet marks facing the left side. This allows the OMR checking machine to read them properly and without a hitch.

• Sheet quality may have an impact:

A poor quality OMR sheet where the track marks are not placed properly or the printing is off can cause issues with the scanning. Though issues with the sheets can be rare, it is better not to take any chances. OMR software is used to process large-scale answer sheets. Imagine if you have to input all that data manually! Try to ensure that you choose high-quality OMR sheets to make the most of the OMR Home solutions. With OMR Home, you can order both customised and pre-printed OMR sheets. We offer the best quality OMR sheets for our clients. Choose your required paper size and paper quality (95 to 120 GSM). You can add machine-printed codes and barcodes to the sheets we will print for you. We also offer carbonless OMR sheets if you want duplicate copies.

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• Remove staples:

Staples can cause damage to the sheets by ripping and tearing the sheet when they move. Moreover, there is a danger of them getting jammed and damaging the OMR checking machine. In this case, it may be better to remove any staples attached to the sheets.

• The right temperature:

In colder months, sheets that are stored in cold rooms may be cold. This may cause issues with the scanning. It is advisable to allow the OMR sheets to come to room temperature for optimal scanning.

• Regular maintenance:

Just as with any gadget or machine, your OMR sheet checking machine should be regularly serviced and maintained. The good news is that when you choose OMR Home, you get to have a customer-focused experience.

If you have any issues with our products, we are just a call or an email away. We have three contact options for quick support, sales enquiry, and an email address where you can mail us your queries and complaints. We will always do our best to ensure you have a seamless experience when working with OMR Home solutions.