How to fill out OMR sheets? Free download OMR Sheets for practice

Optical mark recognition, or Optical Mark reading, is widely used in entrance examinations such as NEET, but now the CBSE has also declared that examinations would be conducted through OMR exams. Evidently, OMR  is taking a new place in the existing methods because of its efficacy. The information that users highlight darkened areas on the sheet is processed by the OMR device. Based on the Questionnaire, the multiple-choice examination papers are marked with a pencil or pen on OMR sheets so that OMR software can read them. The OMR sheets can be customized according to the purpose. However, they usually contain personal details such as the aspirants. Such as their name, roll number, mobile number, barcode/QR code, and so on. It is very useful to know how to fill OMR sheets which will be covered next in this blog.

OMR sheets are evaluated using Optical Mark Recognition technology; this technique allows the gadget to read the highlighted marked area easily and rapidly. This technique is faster, safer, and easier to go with than previous forms as it is a more efficient and accurate way to do any examination. It is used all around the world because of its benefits. Although this is not a newbie form of examination, the pandemic has made it more appealing. OMR Exam’s multiple advantages have made it a viable and worthwhile alternative in this pandemic.  Pursuing OMR scanning is quick, and multiple sheets can be processed at once. It’s also explicit and inexpensive.

OMR is a one-click solution for several associations, results can also be generated on the very day of conducting the OMR Exam. However, there are some do’s and don’ts to consider and keep in mind when you are doing it.

How to fill OMR sheets

How to fill OMR sheets or how not to fill OMR sheets

You must keep in mind that OMR sheets are scanned and analyzed using technological procedures, therefore you must be cautious because computer software cannot overlook your errors as a manual checker may. Let’s know how to fill OMR Sheets in detail.

  1. Although using pencils to answer questions is permitted in a few OMR Exams. OMR papers, however, should be filled with blue or black ink, according to a search. But do ensure that the ink doesn’t spill on your OMR sheets. Therefore select your “weapon” carefully. 
  2. Know the rules, Before getting started, read the instructions very carefully. 
  3. Prefer a pointed blue pen over a gel pen to eradicate the chances of leaking. 
  4. Make your mark, Fill the area properly so the OMR device can assess the answer easily. Don’t partially fill it half or more than half of the area or lightly. 
  5. Do not fill in more than one option for a single question and if you do, make sure you can get another OMR sheet which is highly unlikely at the time of examination so don’t try your luck, and better if you adhere to the given instructions carefully. 
  6. Refrain from using pins or staples on the OMR sheets. 
  7. Do not overwrite. If you are using a pencil, you can erase unwanted strokes easily but at the time of using a pen be careful as whiteners are not allowed. 
  8. Don’t write or mark anything apart from what you are supposed to fill. 
  9. Don’t highlight the areas outside of the given portion to be highlighted in the OMR sheet
  10. Now a “Must Do” is to use OMR sheets for practice before the examination so you can be confident enough and do not panic unnecessarily on your important day. 

Why OMR is used for examination?

OMR provides an easy, fast,  safe way it is used for many purposes such as institutional exams and research, Evaluations, Data compilation, Lotteries and voting, postal codes, etc. This means not only exams but OMR is a part of every next activity so it’s important to be knowledgeable about the same. So do keep these How to answer or how not to answer OMR sheets! 

Free download OMR Sheets for practice

You can also download OMR Sheet PDF from here:

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  3. 100 Questions OMR Sheet Sample
  4. 120 Questions sample OMR Sheet
  5. 150 Question OMR Sheet Sample
  6. 180 Question OMR Sheet Sample
  7. 200 Question OMR Sheet Sample
  8. NEET 2020 OMR Sheet Sample
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