How can you evaluate CBSE OMR-based examination?

The education system has gone through numerous changes in the Covid-19 situation. Recently, CBSE has introduced a new guideline for conducting CBSE Class 10th exams on OMR. Schools must conduct OMR based examinations. Now, students have to give exams on OMR. Students and teachers are skeptical about attempting exams in this format. Therefore, it has increased the demand for OMR software. There is a shift from classroom teaching and learning to online teaching and learning. Now, schools and universities have adopted this new form of online learning, and teaching OMR software is streamlining the examination process. 

How online examinations can improve students’ learning?

Why you should invest in OMR software?

OMR software for schools is streamlining the process of online exams. With OMR software it is easy to design, print, and evaluate tests. Initially, it was difficult to conduct objective questions, now with OMR software, it is easy to conduct exams for both students and teachers. However, it has become essential for schools to adopt OMR software for the exams taking place in November. It would permit students to practice before the exams so that they can prepare in the right manner. The software is easy to use for teachers as it would save their time in the evaluation. 

Problems that OMR software for school solves

  • • The OMR software can overcome all the challenges which might occur while delivering the exams. 
  • • You don’t need a third-party vendor for conducting OMR exams in school. 
  • • OMR software for schools would eliminate the human intervention as this software is easy to use and does not need any specific workforce. 
  • • Teachers and teachers can practice this software before the exam day. 
  • • It saves both time and money. 

Recently, OMR software are used to determine all the tests at all levels. However, schools can conduct both subjective and objective exams. It offers flexibility to students to attempt for exams anywhere and anytime. Moreover, OMR software for schools offers 100% accuracy in data extraction. Checking exams of mass students manually is a difficult task, whereas OMR software can analyze a thousand sheets in less than a minute. Therefore, it is clear that OMR software has revolutionized the examination system and has streamlined the process. 

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