Advantages and Disadvantages of Optical Mark Reader – OMR Software

Optical mark reader plays a significant role in differentiating the presence of character by their shapes. It reads the numeric data and alphanumeric characters in the OMR sheet, is completely accurate and it can read the text in different styles. It automates the entire process of checking. OMR offers a bitmap image of the character with the character recognition of the software.

OMR sheet reader software processes the bitmap of the image and evaluates it with the set of characters. Also, it converts it into text. 

It is a technology that is making exam processing easier. It captures the information and digitally scans the document. Also, it highlights the circled area and transfers the decipherable data so that teachers can understand it easily. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Optical Mark Reader
Optical Mark Reader – Advantages and Disadvantages

How does the optical mark reader work? 

OMR sheet reader software is a dynamic technology that is not only used for reading the OMR sheet but can also be used for designing and scanning OMR sheets. Hence, the OMR solution works on various levels like sheet reading and processing. The IT professional checks whether the software is compatible or not and it designs all kinds of OMR sheets and scan sheets on the flatbed or ADF scanner. It evaluates the data after the scanning and generates an in-depth report. 

Advantages of the Optical Mark Reader 

The advantages of the Optical Mark Reader software are as follows:

  1. A single OMR solution helps design, scan, and read OMR sheets in less time
  2. It can detect the fault in the answer key and the chances of cheating. Also, it can re-read the faulty data. 
  3. It can read 300 sheets in less time 
  4. It can automate all types of objective-based tests and administrative tasks. 
  5. Also, it does not require any special skills to install it. 

Disadvantages of Optical Mark Reader

The disadvantages of the optical mark reader software are as follows:

  1. If the marks on the OMR sheet are not dark enough, then it would be hard to read the data and generate a report.
  2. The sheets must be placed properly in the tray otherwise, it would unnumbered the scanning.
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Since its inception, many industries are dependent on OMR technology because of its accuracy and time management. You can create multiple tests in less time and streamline the administrative task. Many companies are providing effective OMR Sheet solutions to various industries. Also, it is enhancing its utility in government examinations as well. It gives you valid results, and you do not require an extra workforce to operate OMR solution.

After the covid-19 pandemic, it has become necessary for the schools and colleges to conduct OMR based exam. Initially, it was difficult for the exam authority to implement it. But with OMR software, it is easy for them to streamline the entire task. 

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