How OMR sheet is checked? Is whitener allowed in the OMR sheet?

OMR based examination is revolutionizing the process of examination. It is preferred by most of the industries in the market. Post pandemic, education sectors have altered drastically. Schools and colleges are bound to conduct OMR based exam which is giving rise to the OMR reader software. It is flexible and accurate. Moreover, it is easy for the teachers to evaluate the test and generate a report in less time. Technology is a boon for educators and students to keep the learning and teaching ongoing. In the current scenario, it is not easy to conduct subjective exams which is why the examination authorities have introduced OMR based exam. The OMR sheet is fundamental for conducting exams.

The OMR sheet checking takes place through the OMR scanner. It uses beam light to scan the paper when the scanner is connected with your device. The scanner captures the image according to the image stored in the computer. 

How OMR sheet is evaluated? 

  • • OMR sheets are placed in the machine 
  • • Light passes through the sheet which reflects the lighter part
  • • The scanner matches the reflected image with the correct answer image and then analyses the result. 

The process only takes 10 seconds to evaluate the sheets and generate results. It is much faster than manual checking. Also, there are negligible errors in checking through the scanner. It saves manpower costs and other expenses. Moreover, it is easy to handle. 

OMR Sheet Reader
How OMR Sheet is checked?

Is whitener allowed in the OMR sheet?

A student cannot whitener in the OMR sheet because it is an automated process it will consider as invalid, which can lead to disqualification. A student must fill in the answers carefully. Hence, there is only one correct answer to each question. You must mark the correct answer or if you don’t know the answer leave that question blank. Although, It is an MCQ based paper.

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Therefore, OMR based examination gives you accurate results and maintains the authenticity of the exam.