How to conduct a successful Olympiad test?

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OMR based Olympiad tests are an eminent part of many schools and colleges and are conducted in order to instill better learning and competitive exams training in the students.

The main motto of conducting Olympiad is to give a competitive platform to the students through which they can understand its concept. It gives rise to genius youth that can form a smart talent pool in the coming years.

How to conduct a successful Olympiad test_

When conducting Olympiads it is important to consider its most important attributes that are reliability and validity.

The first step of conducting an Olympiad is to design one and then to think how it must be administered.

Three most common methods of creating and conducting Olympiads

Manual method

This is a conventional method in which Olympiad questions are classified manually and then manual methods are used to print it and then administer it. All of it is no doubt tiring but when it comes to evaluating the Olympiad manually then it becomes more horrendous.

Earlier when technology was not a part of the educational domain then no-doubt these procedures were followed by manual methods, with lack of accuracy. But now the times have changed with the inception of technology.

OMR software for Olympiads

OMR technology has become a well- known method in schools, coaching institutes, colleges and universities to create and conduct automate offline assessments. It simplifies the difficulties of manual method by far and makes it more accurate as well as fast.

For conducting Olympiads, OMR is a suitable method because it is more reliable and also affordable. OMR software comes with complete inbuilt robust features which help in designing, printing, scanning, reading and evaluation of Olympiad sheets with ease, accuracy and efficiency.

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Computer Based Test

CBT solutions is another choice for conducting Olympiads. This is also a reliable method and comes with ease of application. CBT can be used to conduct large scale Olympiads stretched on a vast area where many students needs to be assessed. It is conducted in proper CBT centers that are equipped with all the necessary features.

It is a scalable and affordable method that involves designing of test on the computer and then administering it through the very same source. Later the test gets automatically evaluated and the results can be shared easily with the students.

Out of these three options the best that is suited for schools and colleges is the OMR software technology.

For conducting a successful Olympiad you need to perfect the complete process right from creating and administering the Olympiad to getting the results generated and then sharing them with the students.

If this process is taken care of with the use of proper tools and techniques then you can be sure of a successful Olympiad.

How OMR technology makes your Olympiad a successful one?

Olympiad holds a great importance in the learning curriculum of schools and colleges. It is not just a test to derive result, it is a method to inspire students for competitive exams, draw out their fear and make them grow. To make it the best, you need tools that help you out and OMR software is the one for you.

Benefits of OMR software for Olympiads –


  •  ⇒  Design unlimited sheets of multiple types– Customizable options let you design different types of sheets with the help of inbuilt tools and templates that are free. You just have to choose a pattern and then design unlimited sheets without any limitations. Olympiads mostly follow competitive exam pattern which can be created with OMR software.
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  •  ⇒  No need for any special sheet– You can go for any normal sheet of paper irrespective of its size and quality. But it is more advisable to select a good quality paper as OMR sheet for Olympiad exams are mostly handled through many situations and can be subject to wear and tear during the complete procedure.


  •  ⇒  Printing of Sheets– You don’t have to opt for any external source for printing. All that needs to be done is to pair your OMR software with any normal printer and take out the prints. You can get black and white prints or also blue, green, orange and red prints, whichever might be your wish.


  •  ⇒  Easy scanning in your own premises– Once the Olympiad is administered then comes the part of scanning and reading. People who choose those bulky OMR scanners are mostly at loss because of its lack of purpose and cost. OMR software gives you the benefit of scanning the sheets with any normal scanner all the while reading it, hence saving the time.


  •  ⇒  Features to automatically evaluate OMR sheets for Olympiad exams– Its automate sheet evaluating features eliminates the downsides of manual evaluation and makes it more precise and accurate. Features such as:
      •  – Re-reading the faulty files and processing it again
      •  – Capability to read any type of OMR sheet even the photocopy
      •  – Identifying duplicate forms and saved records
      •  – Cropping desired areas from the sheet such as signature, date photograph
      •  – Data extraction and sorting in proper columns and files for future use,
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    All of this makes OMR solutions a much preferred source to evaluate Olympiad results.


    To justify effective use of Olympiads in the educational curriculum it is important to maintain its value and benefits. Making it a process that is reliable and accurate is not just a boon to the students but also to the teachers who can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their students and help them to improve accordingly.

    OMR based Olympiad tests are becoming the most favorable method and more over now, when most of the competitive exams are also switching to the OMR pattern for creating tests.

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