What is Optical Mark Recognition? – Its uses, features and benefits!

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What is the definition of optical mark recognition?

Optical mark recognition also commonly known as optical mark reader and even OMR is a technology that is used to electronically extract and evaluate human marked data out of OMR sheets such as tests, surveys, checklists and forms.

What is Optical Mark Recognition

What is the background of Optical Mark Recognition?

Earlier, using optical mark recognition used to be a very lengthy process and was accompanied by gathering more of tools and resources to actually acquire the data out of the OMR sheets. One of the tools used to be the traditional OMR scanner. It worked in a conventional manner by shining a beam of light on the OMR sheets which highlighted the contrasting reflective marks on the specified bubbles. Then, optical mark reader read and processed those marks to acquire data.

Now, in comparison to those conventional OMR devices, OMR software is a much suitable alternative. It is automate, fast, accurate and has got no dependency on special papers or scanners.

What are the uses and applications of optical mark recognition or optical mark reader?

These days optical mark recognition/reader software is the most affordable, swift and accurate method to check OMR answer sheets and forms. It is being readily used by various educational sectors and organizational industries to automate offline assessments and various administrative tasks.

Some of its most common areas of application are-

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Institutes
  • Coaching
  • Survey industries
  • Universities
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Ballots
  • Stores
  • Health and medical industries
  • Businesses
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What are the features and functionalities of optical mark recognition software?

Optical mark recognition software has got a whole lot of features and functionalities that have been integrated in it to make it a top level technology for automating offline assessments.

Some of its features are highlighted below-

》 It has got in-built sheet designing features

You can easily design any type of OMR sheet, form, survey or Olympiad with simple drag and drop options. The sheet designing tools and templates are available for free and are very easy to use.

》 It can scan OMR sheets with a normal scanner

If you don’t require any special sheet designing software then same goes with the scanner as well! You don’t need to buy those expensive bulky scanners that are too heavy and need a lot of maintenance. Optical marl recognition software can efficiently scan OMR sheets just with any scanner (Flatbed/MFP/ADF).

》 Comes with integrated anti-cheat feature

When conducting offline assessments countering the element of cheating becomes a big issue, but not with optical mark recognition software! It has got the ability to detect cheating in the answer sheets by analyzing the repetition of similar mistakes in two or more sheets. Also some software can create randomized question sheets, generating a unique question paper for every test attempting candidate.

》 It ensures 100% accuracy

The optical mark reader software ensures 100% accuracy in scanning and reading. To maintain this accuracy it has got various features that work throughout till the end of the process. The end result of data collection should be perfect and should serve the purpose of the test creator or admin and OMR software stands well on that expectation.

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》 It can generate various types of comprehensive reports

Its purpose doesn’t end right after evaluation but extends till generating reports and sorting out the data. It can generate 4 types of reports that are represented in graphical and statistical formats. The results are visible in comparison with the toppers result also it can show marks according to a particular subject and even question.

》 Data sorting in respective files and formats

Data sorting is equally important to data acquiring! Data sorting when done manually lacks accuracy and is subject to wrong entry and other miscellaneous mistakes. Optical mark recognition software automatically sorts the data all you need to do is to select the file and format in which you want the entire data to be imported.

What are the benefits/advantages of Optical Mark Recognition software?

  • No requirement for any separate OMR sheet designing tool or software.
  • No requirement of any special scanner or printer.
  • Highly cost-effective.
  • More accurate than manual methods.
  • Ensures super sheet scanning and reading speed.
  • Can detect and prevent cheating.
  • It can re-read faulty files and highlight errors in the provided answer key

Where and how to download Optical Mark Recognition software?

Downloading one of the best Optical Mark Recognition software for free is really easy. All you need to do is to go to omrhome.thinkexam.co.in which is a renowned OMR software company. There you will get a free demo version of the best Optical mark reader software Verificare. Also, you can click on the Download Free Demo button given below.

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