How OMR Software is helpful in evaluating OMR Sheets?

OMR refers to a digital process of capturing data in the form of bubbles, squares, & horizontal or vertical ticks. It is contracting the reflected predefined area on the sheet. The light of the beam on the paper detects the marked area. It is revolutionizing technology which is different from optical character recognition that recognizes the character properly. Multiple choice exam is the familiar choice of the exam. The OMR Reader is capable of designing, scanning, and printing OMR sheets. Initially, a huge amount was involved in designing and printing the OMR sheet. 

OMR software is helpful in evaluating OMR sheets
How OMR software is helpful in evaluating OMR sheets?

The complete process was overwhelming. Now, with reliable OMR solutions, it has become easier for them to generate accurate results and in-depth reports. Also, it works on Artificial Intelligence that helps to determine the OMR response. In this current scenario, it is difficult for universities and colleges to maintain the authenticity of the exam.

However, with the reliable OMR Solution universities and colleges are finding it easier to maintain the accuracy of data. In this era, everything is based on surveys and responses, which is making OMR expand its demand.

How OMR Software makes the evaluation process simple? 

The OMR software has altered the complete functionality of educational institutes. Everyone wants to deploy OMR Software for a smooth evaluation process. It is improving all exam functionality. There are 3 simple steps which are as follows:

  • Define Test: Design a test and enter the basic details of the test, for instance, test date, name of the test, number of attempts, etc. To create a test, you can seek help from inbuilt features and customized templates. Also, it is making the marking scheme easier. 
  • Scan & Read OMR sheet: You can use a normal scanner for scanning OMR sheets. Flatbed and ADF are compatible scanners for scanning the OMR sheet. Furthermore, the data is saved in the cloud after scanning for initiating the assessing process. 
  • Develop report: As soon as the reading process is completed, the evaluation process is done with 100% accuracy and an in-depth report is generated for every candidate. Although, the report can be in a graphical or statistical format to serve the requirement of the educators and students both. 

Moreover, OMR Software leverage you to design sheet in every pattern. Also, you can assign negative markings in the overall test and add bonus marking. It has an inbuilt feature to highlight the error and detect plagiarized text.

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