Impact Of OMR Based Exam On The Education Industry in 2021

There is a saying, ‘Change is the only thing that is consistent’. Witnessing the current situation, it is suitable. The covid-19 outbreak has brought a drastic change in the field of digitization. The inception of this era has spurred the process of adopting platforms that can carry out different activities online. Many sectors and industries are adopting the online mode to carry out day-to-day activities. The education domain is one of the critical domains which has willingly accepting OMR-based exams. OMR technology is an innovation that offers numerous benefits. OMR is making online examinations secure and hassle-free. It comes with a unique feature for making the examination process easier and showing accurate results. OMR is the appropriate solution for conducting exams and evaluating the sheets in less time. Educational institutions, Corporates, and Governments are relying on OMR-based examination.

Considering the current situation, CBSE has introduced an OMR-based examination for classes 10th and 12th in term-1. Students must give OMR-based exams. It has made it essential for students to attempt OMR-based exams. It would be easier for the teacher to evaluate the answer sheets. Schools are adopting this new system of conducting examinations. Conducting examinations nowadays is not a difficult task as there is no need for conducting a conventional examination, conducting exams online can save time and money. There are many reasons why education institutes are preferring OMR software for schools.

Features Of OMR Software For School 

  • OMR software can print and scan the OMR sheet in various layouts according to your requirement. You can print the OMR sheet as much as you want.
  • You can design an OMR sheet with a different marking scheme with the same software.
  • The software can send alerts if a student makes an error in filling ID or keeps the ID blank.
  • You can design subjective exam reports with OMR software and you can export them in excel.
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Why Education Domain Should Adopt OMR-Based Examination? 

Exams are crucial to determine the learning ability of a student and analyzing the progress of a student. It drives students to learn better. Exams aspire students to do better. Examination institutes should conduct exams for the growth of a student. But due to the covid-19 outbreak, conducting exams were difficult. Now with OMR-based exams, It has become easy for them to conduct an exam.

Impact of OMR based exam in education domain 

The OMR-based exam is a boon in the education domain. Mechanisms are designed by using the latest technology. The question papers are stored in the cloud, they are stored in encrypted form. It also prevents the leaking of the question paper. Also, it generates accurate and precise