What is OMR Software – Uses, Features, Application & Benefits?


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There was a time when optical mark answers sheets were read by making several efforts and the light was used as a source to highlight the darkened bubbles on the sheet. From one side the light was shone and was blocked from the opposite side of the sheet with the help of phototubes. Because phototubes are sensitive to blue colored ink so blue pens were prohibit to be used for marking the bubbles. Most preferable highlighter was a number two pencil as graphite is known to be a good opaque substance and can absorb as well as reflect the light which directly hits it.

Now lets discuss about how OMR technology has evolved- Its full form, types, uses, application, features, benefits and how to download.

What is OMR software?

Now we have evolved enough in terms of technology and OMR software has taken over all the conventional OMR drawbacks by automating them and making the whole procedure more accurate and efficient.

Many OMR software company from across the globe have developed some of the best OMR software which can be integrate with your existing computer and automate the complete OMR procedure. The main purpose of OMR software is to automatically extract data out of all types of OMR sheets such as- tests, surveys, attendance sheets, admission forms, checklists and feedback forms.

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What is the full form of OMR?

OMR is an abbreviated term for Optical Mark Recognition or Optical Mark Reader. OMR is being used from long in the educational as well as survey industry to extract data and interpret it for detailed analysis and future use.

What are the types of OMR software?

  • 》 OMR reader software– This software is entirely dedicated to design, read, and evaluate optical marks that have been highlighted on the bubble sheets.
  • 》 OCR reader software– This software can only read and evaluate optical characters that is the written or printed texts on the sheets. The accuracy of OCR reader software is less than that of the OMR reader software.
  • 》 OMR and OCR reader software– This type of software can read both OMR as well as OCR patterns and can also evaluate them efficiently.

What are the uses of OMR software?

OMR software is a very useful tool as it aids as a source to collect data out of paper sheets. Various health care agencies and even business men use it for maintaining data accuracy during the process of extracting and sorting.

Also many administrators, teachers, recruiters and even government officials use OMR software to design, print, scan, read and evaluate any type of OMR sheet.

What are the applications of OMR software?

With time OMR software has found recognition in various sectors and industries to create and evaluate tests, forms, checklists, Olympiads and even surveys. Some of the eminent sectors are-

  • 》 Schools
  • 》 Colleges
  • 》 Institutes
  • 》 Coaching
  • 》 Universities
  • 》 Corporate
  • 》 Government
  • 》 Ballots
  • 》 Stores
  • 》 Health and medical industries
  • 》 Businesses
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What are the features and functionalities of OMR software?

  • 》 It can design OMR sheets-

OMR software comes with in-built designing tools and templates that can be used according to the designers wish to create OMR sheets that are required. It is easy to use these tools and can be operated without any high level technical knowledge or expertise.

  • 》 It can scan and print OMR sheets-

The bubble sheets can be easily printed and scanned once the designing part is over. You can either use dedicated OMR scanner for this part or opt for OMR scanner software that can be paired with any normal Flatbed/ADF/MFP scanner.

  • 》 It has an in-built anti-cheat feature-

To provide proctored environment during the OMR based tests and to make them totally anti-cheat, OMR software is integrated with an AI feature. It can detect the chances of cheating by comparing the repetition of wrong answers in sheets. Also some software is capable of creating randomized answer choices or questions, because of which every candidate gets a unique sheet to mark answers.

  • 》 It can read OMR sheets with complete accuracy-

After printing and scanning comes the part of reading the OMR sheets. The purpose of reading OMR sheets is to extract the data out of it. Reading part is done with complete accuracy as the entire authenticity of data relies on the reading part.

  • 》 It can evaluate the data and generate reports-

Another very important functionality of OMR software is to evaluate the extracted data and put it in a readable format. In order to do so, it generates detailed comparative reports in graphical and statistical formats which can be used when making feedback.

  • 》 Data sorting-
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The last functionality is to sort data in relevant fields and format after which you can save it for future view.

What are the benefits/advantages of OMR software?

  • No need of any other designing software as it comes with free in-built tools that can design any type of OMR sheet/forms.
  • No need of expensive OMR scanner as it also works as OMR scanner software that is capable of scanning all types of OMR sheets with any normal Flatbed/ADF/MFP scanner.
  • It significantly improves the speed. OMR software can read up to 300 sheets in a minute.
  • It guarantees complete sheet reading accuracy. You can be sure of getting accurate data that is without any fault or lag.
  • It can re-read faulty files. This is an advantage when there is an error in the answer key. It highlights the fault in the answer key which can be corrected manually and then it re-reads the data.
  • It can detect cheating by cross-checking the data of every sheet and the repetition of wrong answers.
  • It is the most cost-effective method to create, conduct and evaluate offline assessments.

Where and how to download OMR software?

Downloading one of the best OMR software for free is really easy. All you need to do is to go to OMR Home which is a renowned OMR software company. There you will get a free demo version of the best OMR software Verificare. Also, you can click on the “Download Free Demo” ☟ button given below.




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