What is OMR software? How is it helpful?


OMR technology has been present since long in many industries. Earlier it used to come as separate functionalities wherein the sheet designing, printing, and scanning, all of it used to be acquired from different sources. No doubt that the whole procedure used to be whooping expensive and no less tedious.

What is omr software

With the emergence of technology conventional OMR procedure got revamped and a comprehensive solution emerged in the form of OMR Software.

What is Optical mark reader (OMR) software?

OMR software is an all-inclusive form of traditional OMR technology. It is a software application that can be easily installed on a desktop computer and the only additional add-ons needed are a flatbed scanner and a printer.

OMR software is used for designing, printing, scanning, and evaluation of OMR sheets & forms. It is applicable in multiple sectors such as schools, colleges, coaching institute, Government sectors as well as private organizations. The reason for its vast application is that it can effectively design, read and even be used as OMR answer sheet checker software for-

  • → OMR based tests
  • → Admission forms
  • → Application forms
  • → Checklists
  • → Feedback forms
  • → Surveys
  • → Ballots
  • → Recruitment assessments
  • → Registration form
  • → Training and assessments
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What makes Optical mark reader software a helpful tool?

Above I have discussed its area of application and what type of forms, as well as assessments can be processed with OMR software, but what makes all of it possible is the remarkability of its features. So I will take you through a revelation tour about its features that will brighten your picture about OMR software and its use for you.

Designing features of OMR software –

  • No need to purchase a separate expensive sheet designing tool.
  • → Free in-built tools and templates to design multiple types of customized sheets.
  • → You can use the templates exactly as they are or you can make changes to it according to your wish.
  • → Design as many number and types of sheets as well as forms without any lag or hassle.
  • → OMR sheet can be designed on any size of paper- letter, legal, A5, A4, and A3 etc.

Printing and scanning features of OMR software –

  • → Any normal printer can be paired with the software to print exact pattern without any fault.
  • → Any normal flatbed scanner can be used along with the software and still the scanning efficiency won’t be compromised.
  • → You can print OMR sheet in black and white as well as in four different types of shades- blue, green, red and orange.
  • → Printing of OMR pattern is possible on both sides of the paper.
  • → You can also give separate identity to every single OMR sheet by printing 1D and 2D barcodes.
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Reading features Of OMR checker software –

  • → Being smart OMR checker software it can read all types of OMR sheets even the traditional and photocopied ones.
  • → It can read a total of 300 sheets in just few minutes.
  • → You can use as many question paper sets when the sheets are being read.
  • → Its re-read feature goes through the faulty files again so as to correct it and process it again.
  • → Same as it was with printing; it can also read 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • → Column validation feature lets you set column length check and identifies the unmatched data while reading.
  • → Has the feature to identify duplicate form and fields.

Evaluation features of OMR software –

  • → Automatic evaluation without any need of manual interference.
  • → Generates result based on ranks and subject.
  • → Detailed report analysis is divided into 5 sections- Score, Correct, Incorrect, Blank and Rank.
  • → Individual candidate scores can be easily accessed by the admin based on total scores and even subject wise scores.
  • → Acquired evaluated result can be sorted in different subsections.
  • → The data can be saved in form of multiple types of files such as Access, Excel, CSV and SQL. This makes easy to access data for future reference.


OMR software is designed with an approach to put the attributes of Sheet designing software, sheet reading software and even OMR answer sheet checker software into a single application form. Unlike the earlier times when OMR functionalities used to be available in a detached manner, OMR software is a comprehensive solution that is helpful to the user in carrying out the complete cycle of OMR sheet processing, simultaneously saving the users time and money at once.

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Download free Verificare OMR Software demo – Use it to know it better!

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