What are the benefits of OMR Software for Coaching Centers?


Coaching institutes regularly use assessments as a form of analyzing student knowledge and effectiveness of teaching methods. Now that OMR software has become so prevalent in the educational domain, coaching institutes are also being greatly benefitted from it!

Earlier the administrators of coaching center used to go through the exhaustive task of creating and evaluating tests manually. Not just the process was lengthy but also time taking and inaccurate. To counter all of these drawbacks many coaching institutes adopted the benefits of OMR sheet checker software.

benefits of OMR Software for Coaching Center

Creating tests on OMR sheet and then evaluating them with the use of software…the entire test process becomes simplified as well as accurate that too at minimal cost.

If you are an administrator of the coaching center and haven’t used this technology yet, then go through the list of benefits mentioned below and decide for yourself.

Benefits of using OMR software to create and evaluate assessments in coaching institute-

Increased speed

When it comes to creating and evaluating tests time definitely matters a lot. Coaching centers depend on everyday activities and they don’t have much of time span to evaluate test and generated report. The test results are integral in deciding the further teaching strategies as well as analyzing the growth of every student. Taking too much time in evaluation can make the teaching process lag behind. OMR sheet can be easily designed for any type of MCQ based test and can even be evaluated instantly with OMR sheet checker software.

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Improved Reliability

Manual means of testing and evaluation are subject to inaccuracy and faults. Also it is very difficult to point out were the fault is when the process is so lengthy. Going through the entire process since the beginning and then identifying what went wrong is not just time taking but also frustrating. Cut out on all this hassle with OMR software. It has got multiple features to counter any sort of inaccuracy. Right from checking the repeated fields in the OMR sheets to detecting and highlighting wrong answer key…it can do it all.


The whole amount that goes into getting the question papers printed then creating bulky answer sheets is all too much. Also the use of transportation for carrying bulk sheets and then using invigilators and test checkers takes up too much of expenses.

In case of OMR software all you require is to purchase the software and a regular office printer and scanner, and then you can create and evaluate as many tests as you want.

Some additional benefits that come in-built with OMR software are:

  • 》 Free designing tools and templates that can be customized according to the requirement as and when required.
  • 》 No dependency on bulky OMR scanners, you can use any regular Flatbed/ADF/MFP scanner to scan the OMR sheets.
  • 》 It can read all types of OMR sheets right from plain paper to even photocopy.
  • 》 It can scan as well as print 1D, 2D barcodes as well as QR codes.
  • 》 OMR software has got advance level anti-cheat features that can detect cheating in the OMR sheet.
  • 》 It can automatically sort the data and categorize it in the dedicated fields. All you need to do is to import the data to preferred file format and then you can refer to it any time in the future.
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