Prepare your students for NEET 2020 with Verificare OMR software


National Eligibility cum entrance test (NEET) is a renowned all India level common entrance exam. Lakhs of medical aspirants appear for this exam every year in hopes of scoring well and getting entrance in some of the biggest medical colleges of the nation.

Coaching’s and Institutes that are involved in training these candidates for NEET hold great responsibility in shaping their future and helping them with their aim. So it is imperative for them to integrate all sorts of important teaching, learning and assessment tools to their agenda.

Verificare OMR sheet designing software is one such tool that is highly recommended for every coaching and institute to use when involved in preparing NEET students, but why?

Well if we put light on the NEET exam pattern and how it is conducted then we can see that it is entirely a paper based test that is conducted through OMR sheets.

neet omr sheet

So getting your very own Verificare OMR software and using it for training NEET aspirants can help in following ways-

 –  Creating Mock Tests– Mock tests are always an important part of any sort of exam preparation be it competitive, Government or entrance exams. So creating a mock test for NEET has to be of OMR pattern and that you can easily do using Verificare OMR sheet designing software.

 –  Designing Mock tests– With various in-built OMR sheet designing features that comes integrated with Verificare you can add extra few essentials to your mock test with ease. Such as you can decide the exact pattern or number of questions that you want in the test.

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–  Evaluating Mock tests– Evaluation part can be a real tiring process if done manually and also time taking. To counter all the pains of manual evaluation Verificare has been created with special evaluation features that automatically scans, reads and evaluates OMR sheets, generating instant results.

Some of the added benefits of creating and conducting Mock Tests are-

–  Improves preparation strategy– After attempting regular mock tests students get detailed idea of how successful their preparation strategy is and what changes are required. Also they become aware of how thorough they are with the syllabus and what are still their weak points.

–  Boosts confidence– Mock tests that are based on OMR sheet design gives on hand experience to the students of the real exam. Repeatedly attempting similar mock tests eliminates the anxiety of the main exam and boosts confidence of the students. They get comfortable with the exam pattern and don’t find anything unusually new when getting a NEET question paper and answer sheet in hand.

–  Immediate availability of result– Mock tests conducted through OMR software gives the benefit of immediate result that saves a lot of time for both admin as well as the students.

–  Instantly create a feedback report– With the help of comprehensive report of the result that is automatically generated, you can easily create a proper feedback report for every student and share it with them and even with their parents.

–  Time management– Timing is a huge criterion for all Government, competitive and entrance exams and NEET is no exception to it. Completing 180 questions in 3 hours’ time can be tricky and it is important to master that needed speed. Mock tests are good for this exposure and students can find their own suitable methods to manage the time accordingly.

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–  Overall, less time consuming– Mock tests created with the help of OMR software saves a lot of time, money as well as efforts of the admin. The complete process right from creating to evaluating the mock tests is automatic so it is not only just less time consuming but also accurate and effective.


So, the significance of Verificare OMR sheet designing software for NEET preparation is far beyond accuracy and convenience. OMR based mock test is still not that prevalent even when most of the reputed exams have shifted to this pattern. So it is already a big downfall if you as an admin of a coaching, university or institute still do not consider the idea of integrating OMR software in your center. So what are you waiting for? Get it today and give your students the best NEET practice that they deserve.

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