OMR Software, a multitasking utility for all your Offline Assessments!


“The institute of company secretaries of India (ICSI), an eminent statutory body under the act of parliament, has recently announced OMR based examination for three of its subjects of CS executive program.”

According to common belief, offline assessments are not just an important part of schools and colleges but also hold great value in corporates, training institutes, defence training and also in Government/competitive exams.

OMR Software, a multitasking utility for all your Offline Assessments!

Recently, online platform has undoubtedly become the most popular choice to conduct exams but offline assessment still holds its ground especially when it is backed by technology too! OMR software is one of the most preferred source to conduct offline exams (as seen in the case of ICSI) because of its multitasking features that make the entire process seamlessly sorted and accurate.

Now to know the utility value of OMR software we must take a glance at all the features that one of the best OMR software like Verificare has got for you –

#1 Create your very own OMR sheet

OMR based tests are conducted on special OMR design sheets that are printed with a fixed bubble pattern. It sure sounds like a lengthy task but not when done with OMR software that comes with inbuilt free designing tools. You can easily design sheets for- Olympiad, surveys, tests and even different types of forms with simple select, drag and click moves.

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#2 Barcode printing

Barcode gives a unique identity to every bubble sheet. Tracing a random sheet out of a huge bundle due to some unforeseen reasons can become a task anytime, but with “Barcode reading and printing” feature your task is sorted.

#3 No requirement of bulky OMR scanners

It was a time when conducting OMR based test came with an added stress of hoarding bulky OMR scanners. Luckily, this is not scenario anymore. Just get any normal office printer and use it to scan all types of OMR sheet that too without any defect or hassle.

#4 Assured data accuracy

Every type of test is conducted with an objective to collect some sort of data hence data accuracy can’t be compromised. This is what all the best OMR software strives for, to maintain the accuracy of the data while reading the bubble sheets.

#5 Re-read faulty files

One of the important steps of data accuracy is to automatically identify and re-read faulty files. Verificare highlights the areas that conflicts the pre-provided answer key which can be changed manually by you and then again re-read by the software.

#6 Data sorting

Extracting exact data is important but then classifying it to proper assigned order is also something that can’t be ignored. Verificare sorts and filters the data as per your requirement and then save it in the assigned format for the future use.

So apart from the above mentioned six broad features of OMR software, there are many other added technical specialties that curb the disadvantages of the manual method of conducting offline assessments, one of being ‘cheating’. When conducting any sort of test cheating is one big problem for every administrator.

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How does Verificare curb the drawback of cheating?

Smart technology is backed with smart ideas! The overall feature of detecting cheating and wrong answer key is integrated with the benefits of AI. Let’s discuss the two in detail-

  •  – Wrong answer key detection– Before processing the OMR sheets you need to put in the answer key in the system from which the answers are cross checked. After all, we all are humans and can make mistake somewhere in the answer key. Verificare detects that mistake by analyzing the percentage of repeated selection of an option in contrast with the option given in the answer key.
  •  – Anti-cheat feature– By analyzing the continuity of repeated wrong answers similar to another sheet, verificare identifies the percentage of cheating.

Both of the above mentioned features are an extended form of data accuracy which should be maintained at all costs.

Now the end point- do you agree with OMR software being a multitasking utility for your offline assessments?

If we dissect the whole cycle of conducting an offline exam then we can classify the most important requirements which are- designing and printing the sheets, scanning the sheets, reading the sheets and evaluating the result. When compared with all the above mentioned features it is evident that the best OMR software is capable of doing it all. Now you take your pick!

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